We took a Corgi to sniff out the new Burberry x Harrods takeover

We took a Corgi to sniff out the new Burberry x Harrods takeover

by Juliette Eleuterio
3 min

Yes, we could have gone down ourselves to check out the new Burberry x Harrods takeover but having a Corgi sniff out the place for us is just way more quintessentially British.

Britishness meets Britishness with a side of Britishness with this one, as the Queen’s favourite furry friend took us out on a doggy day out to the iconic Brompton Road luxury department store. We equipped the Corgi with a camera-mounted body harness, making sure he, Giovanni, was as comfortable as he was cheerful, and let him loose from his leash to roam around as he wished for a Corgi POV of the Burberry x Harrods takeover .

Giovanni the Corgi started his journey out on the streets, where the British heritage brand created Check tent canopies to greet its visitors, replacing Harrods iconic awnings. The Corgi made his way to the entrance, where a doorman opened the door for him — but it wasn’t a regular doorman. For the first time in Harrods’ 175 year history, the signature green men had a fit switch, embracing the Knight Blue Burberry Check with brand new outfits.

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The Corgi then made his way into Harrods, without forgetting a little scratch and pet from the doorman and a “good boy” for dutiful encouragement. Inside, our mission-focused furry friend rushed into the Burberry Camping Corner pop-up, waddling about in excitement. Sniffing through the various installations and pieces on show, Giovanni the pup gave us a look at the 40-piece exclusive collection by Burberry made specifically for Harrods for the month of February.

Spanning across menswear and womenswear, footwear and accessories, and a whole lot more, some of the highlights, which the Corgi had a stylish eye out for, include a new Knight bag crafted from nappa leather, as well as the newly released Burberry Box Sneakers, which are displayed across two rooms.

After all that effort, our tired little Corgi ran back outside, where a Burberry food truck pulled up in front of Harrods. There, visitors can indulge in a selection of hot drinks and British pastries. Unfortunately, due to dietary restrictions, our Corgi was unable to give those a taste.

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Make sure to check out the Burberry x Harrods takeover  while it lasts, now open until February 29 (Giovanni the Corgi is not included on the tour, we know, sad).

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