Masha Popova brings Denim Monster Trucks to its virtual fashion show with VOID MAIN()

Masha Popova brings Denim Monster Trucks to its virtual fashion show with VOID MAIN()

by Juliette Eleuterio
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The eponymous Ukraine-born fashion brand Masha Popova is teaming up with the innovative digital creative agency VOID MAIN() to create a unique, interactive experience that involves fashion and monster trucks, a combination we didn’t know we needed but are so here for.

The collaborative project comes in time for Masha Popova’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, reimagining what a fashion presentation can look like. Transcending realms of realities, the digital showroom is open to all, further breaking down barriers that are innate to physical shows.

The online showspace will see Masha Popova’s designs digitised, as users can flip through the looks. Models are seen strutting down a runway, with a roaring crowd in the background, cheering on the show. Alongside the runway, two Denim Monster Trucks designed in collaboration with VOID MAIN() can be seen rotating, showing off the infinite number of ways digitised fashion can be presented.

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Speaking on the collaboration, Founder and Creative Director of VOID MAIN(), Dan Bara, said: “Denim Monster Trucks in the virtual showroom are a testament to the limitless possibilities of merging fashion and technology.” 

Fashion has always been reliant on technologies, whether it be the camera that shoots campaigns or the use of social media marketing. Advancements in digital design now allows brands, such as Masha Popova, to discard traditional ways of showcasing a new collection and challenge conventional norms.

While the regular fashion show is only open to a select few, Masha Popova and VOID MAIN() are breaking down geographical and hierarchical barriers. Anyone can now be witness to the show, through a community and collaborative-based initiative. All you need is a device and a steady internet connection.

Head over to Masha Popova’s website to discover its SS24 collection and the colossal Denim Monster Trucks.

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