Herbar’s FUN-GI sets uses mushrooms to rejuvenate your skin

Herbar’s FUN-GI sets uses mushrooms to rejuvenate your skin

by Robyn Pullen
2 min

Herbar, the beauty brand using mushrooms to heal your skin from the inside out, just dropped a new selection of FUN-GI sets, each tailored precisely to your skincare needs. 

The pioneer of fungi and adaptogenic skincare, Herbar, is unique in the beauty sphere for one main reason: its materials. Utilising plant powerhouses like the Reishi mushroom for its “immortal” compounds, or the Tremella mushroom for its “hydration magic,” each product within Herbar’s skincare range is designed to push the natural strengths of its organic ingredients to the fullest. 

Herbar’s effort to rejuvenate and replenish our skin using organic, vegan, and ethically sourced plant powerhouses, like mushrooms found in traditional forms of medicine, is evident throughout its variety of skincare essentials. From Herbar’s face nectar, designed to combat hydration, irritation, and uneven tones, to its face oil, a calming, fast absorbing miracle serum, the brand’s organic range covers all bases.

But, as each product has its own strengths, combining them is the perfect method for achieving your skin goals. Herbar’s done the work for us by creating specifically designed bundles, each with a different purpose in mind. For example, “The OG Set,” which utilises a combo of the brand’s iconic face oil, and a Dalmatian gua-shroom, is curated to “calm and sculpt” your skin.

Whether you’re seeking hydration and brightening (look to “The Radiance Set”) or to fight inflammation (look to “The Glow Up Set”), there’s a combo for everyone. Each set of products has a different purpose which caters to a different set of skincare needs, so no matter your skin’s biggest hurdle, there’s a selection designed for you.

Find the perfect FUN-GI set for your skin’s needs on Herbar’s website, or shop for your friends and family in the lead up to the holiday season.


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