Harry Styles is still Pleasing with its fragrance venture

Harry Styles is still Pleasing with its fragrance venture

by Robyn Pullen
2 min

The Harry Styles buzzcut might be a bald choice, but at least we know he still smells good, as his brand Pleasing is releasing a collection of brand new fragrances just ahead of the holidays. 

Harry Styles’ brand Pleasing has previously ventured into nail polish as well as a variety of beauty products, from serums and eye pencils to lip balms, using Styles’ signature storytelling that’s evident throughout his music to create its immersive aesthetic.


Featuring three signature scents, named “Closeness,” “Rivulets,” and “Bright, Hot,” the new fragrance drop is revealed through a warm and retro-inspired campaign, designed to play on our sense of nostalgia. Vintage influences and colours are blended with the contemporary, to create imagery evocative of Harry Styles’ seventies style in an elevated yet familiar fashion.

Hitting up Selfridges’ Corner Shop, you’ll find an immersive shopping experience inspired by the sleek, colourful fragrance bottles themselves and Selfridges’ Christmas campaign which celebrates the golden days of early theatre. And arguably the most satisfying thing about the bottle is that, when given a gentle push, it rocks.

Pleasing’s pop-up at Selfridges is vibrant, immersive, and thoughtfully curated, seamlessly merging Selfridge’s elevated retail experience with Pleasing’s message of emotional storytelling. Step up to the trio of ticket booths in the space to collect your “ticket” and reveal the scent of its correlated fragrance, before approaching the vintage-style beauty counters to find Pleasing’s fragrance range in the flesh.

But if you’re not able to attend the Selfridges’ Corner Shop, don’t worry because Pleasing’s new selection of fragrances will be available to shop in stores in New York, Los Angeles, and online from November 16. Sign up to be notified when Pleasing’s three new fragrances will drop here

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