Louis Vuitton said “no more plastic” with its plastic freezer bag

Louis Vuitton said “no more plastic” with its plastic freezer bag

by Juliette Eleuterio
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Louis Vuitton was this close (insert the ‘this close’/pinching emoji) to catching a case with its new “plastic” bag. Thankfully for Louis Vuitton and everyone involved though, it isn’t actually made out of plastic. After all, it is the multi-billion dollar worthy luxury fashion and leather goods company we’re talking about here, do you really think they would actually make cheap plastic bags?

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It’s giving your rich aunt on her way to a quick Iceland trip – not the country, the British grocery store that’s winning the frozen food game. LV’s “Freezer Handle Soft Trunk” and the “Freezer Sac Plat” is the latest addition to the trompe l’oeil trend that has been tricking its way onto the runway, or perhaps part of the weirdly cheap looking expensive bags – we’re looking at you Bottega Veneta and your $1.9k brown paper bag.

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Basically, Louis Vuitton has superimposed images of its Soft Trunk and Sac Plat onto a “plastic” freezer bag and called it a day… Well, not quite. The bag is actually quality, made with top notch silver-coated leather. One thing’s for sure: this bag is definitely not cheap. You actually have to spend almost 4 bags for this one bag, with a price tag of $3,950.

It’s actually a pretty ridiculous price tag, even for Louis Vuitton, considering the Soft Trunk and the Sac Plat as bags of their own – not the printed inside the freezer bag version – for basically the same amount of money.

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Life imitates art, and art imitates life but in Louis Vuitton’s case, Louis Vuitton imitates Louis Vuitton.

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