Matthieu Blazy designs Bottega Veneta’s costumes for Biennale Danza

Matthieu Blazy designs Bottega Veneta’s costumes for Biennale Danza

by Juliette Eleuterio
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For the third year in a row now, Bottega Veneta supports the Biennale Danza, the International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Venice, as part of La Biennale di Venezia, with costumes designed by creative director Matthieu Blazy himself.

As part of this partnership, the Italian luxury fashion brand is focusing on “When I Am Facing U”, a dance performance by the hit choreographer Xie Xin commissioned by La Biennale di Venezia itself. The performance, in which you’ll be able to check out Blazy’s designs, will take place between 4PM and 6PM on July 28 & 29 at the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale.

Bottega Veneta / La Biennale Venezia©

For these costumes, Blazy gave denim a sense of fluidity to accompany and emphasise the dancer’s captivating and sensual moves. The silhouettes have a casual quality to them, with pieces decorated with photo real printing on viscose silk.

This year’s event marks the 17th year this festival has been running. This time around, the title of “Altered States” has been chosen by legendary choreographer Wayne McGregor, marking the third time he has directed the event. Never failing to make us think outside the box, McGregor’s in-motion themes are two that are hardly put together but should be: techno culture and scientific thought.

Bottega Veneta / La Biennale Venezia©

“Movement alchemists” is how McGregor explains the participants at this year’s Biennale Danza. He goes on to say “Fundamentally, they challenge traditional dance orthodoxies and in doing so release us to experience our bodies anew, connecting our external models of the world with our lesser-known internal maps – altering our states of understanding and experience”.

Make sure you don’t miss this year’s Biennale Danza, which runs between July 13 and 29.

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