From kickflips to cold ones: Hélas “Super Hélas” collection

From kickflips to cold ones: Hélas “Super Hélas” collection

by Ollie Cox
2 min

Hélas is set to release a racing-inspired collection rooted in the nostalgic graphic-heavy sponsors of Portuguese beer, Super Bock. The clothing is designed to evoke a sense of adrenaline-filled spirit, seen through a product offering consisting of team outfit essentials.

Hoodies, tees, caps, and tracksuits all nod to the golden era of advertising, which saw booze and cigarette brands emblazoned onto the side of racing cars. The capsule is rooted in the thrill-seeking culture of motor racing, as well as Super Bock’s trackside heritage. Medal designs create a bold and striking visual appeal with a “Helas Bockers” logo offering a tongue-in-cheek reference to the graphics applied to Super Bock-branded race cars. 

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The playful motorsport-style branding is continued into a promotional video for the collection. The short film is a recreation of the mythical opening scene of the 1998 French classic Taxi. It depicts a pizza delivery driver racing through the streets of Paris, swerving between traffic with a windshield filled with collaborative decals.

No Hélas campaign would be complete without some skating, given a group of skaters founded the brand, and in later footage, we see the team sending it over the two-wheeler. Hélas was founded in 2011 by Lucas Puig, Clem Brunel, and Steph Khou, who built it into the worldwide skate imprint it is today. In recent years, the label has garnered an appeal beyond skateboarding thanks to collaborations with Champion, Fuzi, and Paraboot

Hélas’ latest collection will be available to purchase globally from Friday, October 10. 

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