Mushroom bobs and jigsaw layering: the hair trends dominating 2024

Mushroom bobs and jigsaw layering: the hair trends dominating 2024

by Robyn Pullen
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If the stability of the “new year, same me” mentality isn’t working out for you one month into 2024, that’s probably a sign to give up on it. Whilst we’d all like to see ourselves as so confident in our aesthetics that we can keep that same hairstyle for decades at a time (à la Anna Wintour), sometimes your hair is just crying out for a change. We caught up with Buller and Rice, London’s first sustainable salon group and resident experts when it comes to hair, to find out the most iconic styles, colours, and trends coming in 2024. Here are some of our favourites.

Everyone’s doing mushrooms

The reigning era of long hair is finally being disrupted, and it’s not by your conventional f*ck *ss bob. According to Buller and Rice, the mushroom bob is already touted as 2024’s chicest above-the-shoulder cut, setting itself apart from other more severe styles due to its tousled appearance. Designed to look as though you tumbled out of bed and your hair simply fell in the perfect shape, the mushroom bob is nonchalant, effortless, and even contours your cheekbones (it’s like free buccal fat removal!). It’s essentially hair’s contribution to the return of indie sleaze (coined by Mandy Lee) in 2024, and we’re obsessed.

Pushing the limits of patterned hair

Buzz cut designs have existed since even before Dennis Rodman made them big on the basketball court in the 1990’s, but in the past few years they’ve been making a full-throttle return to the mainstream. Trickling back onto the runway, notably at Versace Fall/Winter 2019, which showcased leopard print buzzcuts, the trend’s only getting bigger and better as time goes on. And, as hair artist Jackie Bieber proves, they don’t just have to be done on buzzed hair; the ‘90s trend of “tattooing” patterns onto long, straight hair is also making a return, with wig creator, Tomihiro Kono pushing the trend to its limits.

Fringes are back and bolder than ever

If you were one of the children that had a fringe between the ages of three to seven and decided “never again,” let us try to convert you because honestly, fringes have been slept on for too long. Plus, the 2024 rendition of the hairstyle is elevated far beyond anything a six-year-old could pull off. Short, blunt, bold fringes – as seen on Zendaya at Schiaparelli during Haute Couture 2024 the other week – are being revived as a statement hairstyle, perfect for covering five-heads and saving money on brow pencils and foundation. According to Buller and Rice, bold, blunt fringes work especially well on thicker hair as it provides fuller coverage, but the look remains iconic on anyone.

Jigsaw layering made the cut

It’s likely you’ve seen a smattering of jigsaw layering on social media in recent years, but in 2024 Buller and Rice anticipates this trend will finally enter the mainstream. Given that face framing hairstyles are already dominating this year, jigsaw layering is a natural progression as it uses sharp, “jigsaw”-style cuts to frame the face and add another dimension to your hair. As Buller and Rice explains, it’s actually inspired by the unique combination of anime and 70s haircuts and might seem a little daring due to the fact that it requires regular styling. However, if you’re willing to put some effort into this experimental style, it will pay off. 

Hair colour goes back to its roots

As Buller and Rice predict, shades of brown, black, and blonde will be particularly prominent in 2024; basically, natural hair colours are back and it’s because of the economy. If you’re into economics – or fashion – you’ve probably heard that theory that hemlines rise and fall depending on how the economy’s doing, and hair is the same. When we’re unsure of what will happen in the world, we save. We’re less adventurous with our spending, more cautious before blowing big sims of cash on things we don’t necessarily need. Similarly, natural hair colours are also more modest, an attitude that a lot of people adopt when the economy is bad. So it seems that natural hair colours are our solution to 2024’s tumultuous economic climate.

Punk like it never left

Whilst punk hair is more popular on the runway than the highstreets, trends returning to fashion usually signify they’re about to hit the mainstream, and liberty spikes and mohawks were massive at Men’s FW24 Fashion Month. Seen on the runway at JORDANLUCA, which had hairstylist Anthony Turner defy gravity with models’ hair, using copious amounts of gel and hairspray. Given that the punk aesthetic, from clothing to hair to makeup, was originally created as a method of displaying societal discontent and standing against the zeitgeist, it seems cohesive that punk hair would make a return in 2024. Here’s hoping it properly takes off.

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