Scent just entered the Metaverse

Scent just entered the Metaverse

by Robyn Pullen
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Our universal dream of being able to smell things through the TV screen (“smell-o-vision”, as it’s known) might still be long in the distance, but that hasn’t stopped GABAR, the London-based fragrance brand founded by Phway Su Aye and Susan Wai Hnin, from opening an entirely digital store in the Metaverse. You’re probably wondering: “how do you experience fragrances in the Metaverse?” Here’s how.

GABAR, meaning “world” in its heritage language of Burmese (spoken in Myanmar where the brand was founded, and where 10% of its annual profits are donated to, in support of local economic development and education), describes itself as a scent and beauty brand tailored to the next generation of creatives and change makers. Whilst relatively new to the industry, having been founded only in October 2021, GABAR is already pushing the boundaries, bridging the physical and digital gap within beauty that so few brands have been able to traverse.

Before even conceptualising its Metaverse store, GABAR had already evidenced its dedication to the future of beauty via tech in a 2022 collaboration with London-based digital fashion House, Auro Boros for Metaverse Fashion Week. So now, working alongside the digital platform provider ONEWAYX, GABAR’s project to create an immersive showroom within the Metaverse is only a natural progression on a road that the brand had already ventured down.

Officially unveiled at the end of 2023, GABAR NEW WORLD – as the digital store’s been named – invites visitors into a digital location set against the backdrop of a tranquil desert to experience GABAR’s five core releases in digital form. Exploring the space you’ll find a variety of hovering orbs, which GABAR’s Co-Founder & Creative Director Phway Su Aye described as “visual representations of the chemical molecules associated with scent.”

The combination of man-made and natural imagery, alongside immersive sounds within the space are all designed to relax the virtual visitor, but also, as Aye explains, to help them “see the world of beauty, beyond its impact superficially.” The purpose of the digital store is more than just to introduce you to GABAR’s range of scents, but also to “capture audiences’ imaginations, beyond what is physically possible.”

With more features being added to the immersive GABAR NEW WORLD store experience throughout 2024, including the potential for gamification on the horizon, it’s clear that GABAR has plans to expand rapidly within the Metaverse.


Featured image via @gabar created by AI with @bettybetbetbetter

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