The future of beauty is already here: its AI

The future of beauty is already here: its AI

by Robyn Pullen
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Believe it or not, AI is the future of beauty and it’s already here. For quite a while, it’s felt like the rest of the world has been speeding up, revving into the technologic age with everything from phones to fashion exiting this dimension and entering the Metaverse. From 3D printed steak to self-driving Teslas, we’ve seen almost every industry tap into the world’s new access to tech, except one. Beauty has been left behind… until now. Are you ready to meet the beauty brands living in 2053?

DCYPHER is bottling your skin tone

First up is DCYPHER, the brand bringing cosmetics into the age of AI, on a personal level. As the world’s first bespoke mixed-to-measure cosmetics brand, DCYPHER is changing the game when it comes to custom foundations and concealers by adding a touch of tech. Founded by a collaborative combination of Adam (the tech expert) and Claire (the beauty expert), DCYPHER is unique to the industry because it’s not “a beauty brand doing tech.” It’s actually a tech brand, that’s dipping a toe into beauty, and with exceptional results.

DCYPHER’s equipment might sound complicated, taking AI-powered skin tone measurement tools and combining them with complex colour science, but its results aren’t hard to comprehend. Simply by snapping a picture or video of your skin, DCYPHER is able to use AI technology to create a foundation personalised to your skin tone and preferences for coverage and finish, all from scratch. Unlike other cosmetics brands, DCYPHER doesn’t have a range of shades to choose from: it makes a new one every time, that’s specifically designed for you.


Ensuring that every person receives exactly the shade of foundation or concealer to match their skin tone isn’t something that DCYPHER leaves in the consumer’s hands. This is because DCYPHER’s co-founder and Consumer Expert Claire recognises how agonising buying new foundations after new foundations and still not finding the perfect shade can be. That’s also why, if you find your purchase isn’t a perfect match, they’ll re-mix your shade an unlimited amount of times until it’s absolutely right – because almost perfect isn’t perfect enough.

With every purchase from DCYPHER, you don’t only receive a product that’s perfectly matched to your skin, but you also get a Skin Tone ID (e.g. 662A29) which defines your personal shade. Adam and Claire estimate that there are millions of Skin Tone ID’s to be created, considering that every single person’s is fully unique to them. Once you receive your Skin Tone ID after the first purchase, you can use your code to reorder your exact skin tone match in a foundation, concealer, or tinted moisturiser custom drops, so that you get the perfect shade for your skin every time.

Whilst using tech to mix the perfect foundation shade might seem like a dramatic use of equipment, the effects of wearing a foundation that really matches your skin tone are unmatched. Across the entire spectrum of skin colours, many men and women have spoken about the struggle they have finding cosmetics that actually cater to their skin’s shade, and the insecurity they have around wearing a shade that doesn’t blend in with their own. Foundation and concealer are, for some people, essentially confidence in a bottle, and when it comes to bottling confidence, DCYPHER’s already an expert.


Renude makes finding skincare easier

Renude is the brand serving “BEAUT-AI” in 2023, transforming the beauty shopping experience into something more personalised to you. Using a combination of comprehensive skin analysis with a multi-brand approach, Renude’s AI technology is designed to approach your skincare needs with the expertise of hundreds of highly trained professionals. 

Renude’s co-founders, Pippa and Cate, actually crossed paths by chance, when they realised that they were both working towards the same goal: to make finding skincare that works for us so much easier. How? By making dermatologists a whole lot more accessible through the use of AI. The reality of the skincare industry is that the UK has only 4 dermatologists per 100,000 people in the population, meaning that even if we could all afford to see one, we couldn’t. 


That’s where Renude hopes to change the skincare game; by making dermatologist level advice more accessible. Renude has merged a hybrid of technology with human expertise to create a platform that can identify a broad range of skin concerns, assess overall severity, and then creates a skincare routine focused on ingredients that have visible results. 

Renude’s AI alone is able to recommend effective routines that will change your approach to skincare. But then pairing this with the fact that it connects you with your own aesthetician who knows your skin inside out, the brand’s method of solving your skincare concerns leaves no room for mistakes. It’s basically a combination of the highest quality tech and real-life skin care professionals.

It’s a new way of finding products that work for you, utilising a skincare science meets data science ethos. And it’s as easy as taking a mini quiz. Simply by completing a few questions on your biggest skincare needs, and talking for a few minutes to a licensed aesthetician (although submitting a few images can work as well), you’ll be recommended a range of skincare products tailored to your skin type and concerns.

It’s the luxury of being catered to directly, having your wants, needs, and concerns handled on a personal level, for a fraction of the price it would cost visiting a dermatologist – if you could even book an appointment. By using AI, Renude has managed to turn what’s normally a debilitatingly difficult task – finding skincare products that actually work – into something not only straightforward, but kind of fun!


Instead of being scared of AI taking your job or imitating you in a viral deep fake, get excited about how AI’s already revolutionising the way we view, shop, and understand beauty. Between Renude using AI to make finding the perfect skincare products for you easier, and DCYPHER actually making the right product perfect starting at formula level, beauty brands are already hacking into the issues we currently face. Before long, the process of finding, buying, and using skincare and cosmetics could be entirely flawless. Like 2010s block highlighter, the future of beauty’s looking bright.

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