Guerrilla drops have the Corteiz kids on another level

Guerrilla drops have the Corteiz kids on another level

by Ollie Cox
3 min

Streetwear and hype go hand in hand, and lines snaking around the block for limited-edition items are nothing new, but who can be a*sed for waiting in line anymore? That’s exactly why streetwear brands have been finding new ways of releasing products through an experience beyond shopping. 

Community has always been at the heart of any great streetwear label. Think Supreme’s downtown skate rats, who built the brand into the ‘f*ck you’ favourite it is today, or the Stüssy tribe bringing Californian cool to the world. 

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Now, for a brand to stand out, it has to do something more to get the attention of its customers. Corteiz has taken the world by storm, bringing products to the people through a series of ‘if you know, you know’ drops that keep its loyal fans on their toes, both in the streets and in Geography classes (Corteiz loves to reveal its IRL releases through coordinates). 

Recently, Corteiz dropped limited-edition Air Max 95s in colourways exclusive to New York, Paris and London, with each release sending fans wild and proving that Corteiz really does rule the world. Is this simply a way to keep things exciting, or is there a method to the madness? 

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Jordan VickorsIDA Supply took to Soho Square recently, inviting fans to participate in football competitions to win its coveted sports jerseys, and it’s safe to say they turned up.

London via Lagos, artist, skater and cafe owner, Slawn takes things further than Soho’s slender streets, leaving fans with money-can’t-buy souvenirs for their troubles. As well as a one-of-one piece of art, a possible black eye is thrown in the mix too, as fans take part in boxing matches for his art. 

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From football to fighting for your place in line, this begs the question, where are these kids’ parents? Do they know their kids are charging through central London in a brave, ballied-up attempt to score the hottest sh*t in streetwear?

Soundtracked by Central Cee, these kids flock in droves to support their favourite brand. Taking the product away from brick-and-mortar retail and online drops leaves fans with more than a free sticker, building brand loyalty and support in new and unpredictable ways. Say what you like, but these kids keep it exciting, for sure.

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