Everybody is manifesting Ferragamo SS24 in their wardrobes

Everybody is manifesting Ferragamo SS24 in their wardrobes

by Juliette Eleuterio
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Somebody get Maximilian Davis some sort of accolade for his work at Ferragamo, because his efforts there for the past three seasons are akin to that of a divine intervention. Perhaps the British Fashion Awards taking place later this year will be his golden ticket to the hall of fame of decorated designers, though his creations already surpass the need for an official seal of approval.

For SS24, Davis proposed a refreshed wardrobe that was at the same time elegant and classy without feeling like it only caters to an older audience, with fresh and youthful takes on the brand. Afterall, Davis did say “I want to prove that Ferragamo is not just the brand your parents wear,” and at his hands, it certainly isn’t.

Wardrobe staples for a youthful audience came in the form of a halterneck, deep plunging sleeveless cardigan paired with high waisted underwear and a black leather tote-style bag that screamed “This summer, we’re swimming in the Hamptons.” We also saw a strapless mini dress with white beaded accents on its outer layers and a series of layered tank tops placed on colourblocked tunics, one of which was in Ferragamo’s signature trademarked red.

Davis is a master of colours, in a minimal sense. He knows how to focus on one colour, and execute that colour flawlessly. Last season it was a shade of red that sat on the bench this season for the arrival of a deep and rich green that is worth drooling over. We saw it on a structured, tailored coat with slit sleeves that were simply placed on the arms rather them wrapped around, the same coat that opened the show, though in a black iteration.

This rich green was seen on several other looks, including a high-neck overcoat with unpredictable draped detailing and latex-like knee-high stilettos, on men’s shirts and trousers, as well as accessories including a three-zip boxy bag.

While not as apparent, baby blue was also a colour forefronted by Davis this season, seen juxtaposed with a greyish dress in the shape of a house Hug Pouch bag or splashed like paint on a flowy white dress. The way Davis uses shapes and colours isn’t just instinctively, but thoughtfully – just take a look at the long sleeved pink dress that featured a red addition of colour in the shape of an hourglass figure. The figure, though, wasn’t centred to accentuate the model’s own body, rather, placed slightly to the side to represent a shift, both in traditional fashion and beauty norms and in the brand itself.

When Davis joined Ferragamo in 2022, he was the last part of a seismic shift (also known as a rebrand) that hit the Italian powerhouse. There was a new CEO, a new name – Salvatore of Salvatore Ferragamo was evidently dropped – and then, a new creative director. Definitely a risk to bet on, all this newness paid off for Ferragamo and Davis alike, with the young designer leading the way into a new era of luxury.

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You can take a look at the Ferragamo SS24 show above. More fashion week content can be found across TikTok and Instagram.  

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