BOSS took the boardroom to the future for SS24

BOSS took the boardroom to the future for SS24

by Ollie Cox
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For SS24, BOSS invited us into the world of Techtopia. In this futuristic office concept, stress is a thing of the past, thanks to the incorporation of game-changing technologies, such as robotics and in-office green space, serving as a vision of the office of tomorrow. 

As part of BOSS’ view of the future, attendees were greeted by Sophia, the humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics, who monitored the entrance to the show and was also seen sitting at a desk on the front row. Sophia wasn’t the only high-profile guest in attendance, as Burna Boy, Demi Lavato, Lee Min Ho and Naomi Campbell were all at the show. 

BOSS’ FW23 show marked a return to the suiting that it was known for in the twentieth century. The brand launched in 1970 when men’s fashion awareness was on the rise, creating two-button single-breasted blazers and narrow-shouldered suits. 

Gigi Hadid kicked things off wearing a boxy grey blazer and pencil skirt worn with a brown deep-necked blouse, as we saw a first glimpse of BOSS’ take on corporate dressing. The heavy-hitting casting also saw Anthony Joshua take to the catwalk, donning a deep brown overcoat which fell below the knee and was accented with a fur collar, partially concealing off-white shirting and a mid-length black jacket underneath.

Tailoring was cut loose and seen in grey, brown and beige colours throughout the show, with knitwear to match. Plunging necklines revealed textured leather ties, while others were adorned with pens, serving an office-ready utility with each look. The same textured leather was used to craft pencil skirts worn with below-the-knee overcoats. Models carried notebooks and briefcases in hard and soft leather, in grey, black and brown. Umbrellas rested between straps in weather-proof looks, ideal for the corporate commute.

The set contained six themed rooms, one with a meeting being carried out and another “brainstorm” room, which saw fictional employees lying back wearing light-therapy headphones. Another showed a meditating office worker manifesting the closure of a killer corporate deal dressed in a textured grey suit and turtleneck.

For SS24, BOSS nodded to tradition against the backdrop of a changing world, where the office becomes a space of tranquillity. Traditional white-collar attire contrasted with a futuristic setting.

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