Feng Chen Wang x Nike

Feng Chen Wang gives sportswear an overconstructed makeover with Nike

Feng Chen Wang gives sportswear an overconstructed makeover with Nike

by Juliette Eleuterio
4 min

The new Nike x Feng Chen Wang is an experimental take on sportswear that highlights the Chinese designer’s overconstructed aesthetic with a twist on functionality.

The collection is made up of six pieces but the star of the show is the Transform Jacket. At first glance, it looks like a regular black hooded jacket with a brown side panel but it’s actually much more than that. The Transform Jacket is the epitome of Feng’s mantra of “to own less is to own more” with this singular jacket being customizable in over 30 ways thanks to its removable components.

The rest of the collection features a sports bra, crop top and tights that were all created with structurally engineered knits. It’s a blend between sportswear and wellness, something Feng embraces in her own personal life. “As a designer, my creative inspiration often draws from my personal experiences, cultural upbringing, and the influences of people around me,” she explains.

On top of the customisable options, Feng’s designs are rooted in inclusivity, with products made to be worn by anyone “regardless of gender, age, body type, or what sports one likes to play,” embodying her own and Nike’s commitments to the development of sportswear.

The full Nike x Feng Chen Wang collection will drop on September 28 online, on the SNKRS app and in select Nike stores. Check out our interview with Feng to find out more about the collection below.

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This is your first collaboration with Nike. Tell me how this all came together. 

This collection we’ve been preparing for four years. We work together quite well and started from different projects. Today finally, our new collaboration launched, so [I’m] very excited about that.

Your aesthetic is very much embedded into this idea of over-construction. How did you find the process of blending your aesthetic with Nike’s function-first clothing?

This jacket is very functional and also you can dress [it] your own way, style [it] your own way. It’s unlimited [in terms of] style. More than, I’ll just give a number, more than 40 ways of styling. In one jacket you can have so many different pieces come together or detached. I think it’s a very Feng Chen Wang style of functionality, of deconstruction. This jacket is genderless as well. You can be playful with it and change it into a skirt.

You mentioned that your inspiration from clothing comes from your own “personal experiences.” What exactly were your inspirations when it came to this collaboration?

It’s very interesting because I’m a global citizen. I travel a lot between London, Shanghai, Paris, USA – it’s worldwide. Working in the fashion industry, I don’t want to travel and bring four or five suitcases with me. So I started thinking about what kind of design or fashion or pieces that [are] really helping and supporting people like me. You can own a nice piece, but you actually own more. 

You could just pick one of your pieces, but it can become more and more and join your journey. Say, you can wear [the Transform jacket] outdoors, you can wear it in different weather or you can wear it in the evening or to party in a different style or different way. 

This is my starting point about how I can design a piece [that is] really fitting [with] a different lifestyle and on different sizes also. It’s a very sustainable way of design and supporting future lifestyles – that’s my inspiration. 

Sometimes I travel with my family and my sister will share my clothes. I’m thinking about “how can I also design a piece that is also fitting to a different group of people, different personality, different styles?” This is an idea that comes together as I design one piece literally for everyone or I design a piece for people, all with a different lifestyle. It’s quite a different way of designing [and] fashion connection.

If you had to describe the collection in three words, what would they be?

Functionality, modular, futuristic.

Lastly, how do you want your wearers to feel while wearing this collection?


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