Feng Chen Wang x Converse offers up a deconstructed classic

Feng Chen Wang x Converse offers up a deconstructed classic

by Juliette Eleuterio
2 min

The Chinese-born, London-based designer Feng Chen Wang has been giving deconstruction a new look, with her practicality-first approach to creation, which has been flawlessly encapsulated in her latest collaboration with Converse.

The latest collaboration between the two takes on a Converse classic, the Chuck 70. Creating a 2-in-1 shoe, Feng adds her signature layered sensibility to the Chuck 70 in the low, Ox cut. The shoe’s visually intriguing, trippy look was created with the number two in mind; two distinct canvases can be seen on the shoes upper, as well as double-layered foxing tape, and a symmetrical, cut-halfway, modified rubber outsole to finish off the piece.

There’s a play between form and style captured in this new Chuck 70 that has become an instantly recognizable signature look developed by Feng. The duality keeps the practicality of this everyday shoe intact while simultaneously pushing its design limits to the next level. 

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Converse lend its canvas to the designer, with a partnership that has endured a long time. Going back to 2019, Feng and Converse thought up a Chuck 70 concept show for her Spring/Summer 2019 show during New York Fashion Week. Since, she has continued to establish herself as an emerging designer to keep an eye out for on the runway, as well as on the streets through many of her sports and lifestyle collaborations, such as with Converse or Nike.

Converse have been on a mission since late last year to give its classic Chuck Taylor a refresh by tapping a roster of female designers. Feng is the latest, but we’ve already seen the De Luxe Wedge come to form through the hands of Martine Ali. Isabel Marant will be next up on the list, and you can bet we’ll be the ones telling you all about it.

The Feng Chen Wang x Converse Chuck 70 2-in-1 will be available in a green and beige, and an all beige colourway on February 6, on Converse’s website.

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