Meteorite bags & grape sliders: what are fashion’s weirdest materials?

Meteorite bags & grape sliders: what are fashion’s weirdest materials?

by Robyn Pullen
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Aliens have landed… in the form of fashion. Designers have been ditching conventional materials lately for ones that look like they were (and often actually were) discovered on another planet. From Botter’s (figuratively) alien accessories to Coperni’s (literally) alien accessories, here’s our roundup of some of the weirdest materials in fashion right now.

99% air, 1% glass, 100% NASA-approved

Ever since FW24, everyone’s been obsessing over Coperni’s Air Swipe bag, which the brand revealed on the runway last season. With a foggy, cloud-like appearance, the bag’s material is described as being the lightest solid on Earth, and up until this now has been used by NASA to capture stardust. The bag is a silicon-based solid often described as “blue smoke” or “solid smoke” has quickly become the internet’s latest obsession. Carrying seems like a terrifying task, though; you just know it would shatter in a second.

Ganni did surgery on a grape

Remember that viral video of someone doing surgery on a grape? Well, they must’ve worked for Ganni, because only a few years ago the brand revolutionised its luxury leather goods by using leather made from grapes. The brand’s SS22 show featured a range of accessories including these sliders which were all actually made from grape leather, a plant-based alternative to the “real” thing. Whether you’re a fan of grapes or not, we all have to admit this technological advancement is a huge deal for fashion. Hopefully they’re pip free.

Sustainability transformed into fashion

Sustainably conscious brand, Botter’s SS23 collection was angled around the environment (specifically, the ocean), and as a result it utilised some intriguing fabrics. For example, the brand collaborated with bioengineers and researchers to develop new fabrics made from kelp, which were transformed into ankle-length tube dresses. Sustainable, oceanic, and aesthetic, hot people wear kelp dresses and don’t care about the salty sea smell.

Accessories dripping in ice (literally)

Also at Botter’s SS23 collection, the brand debuted a selection of accessories frozen in ice appear on the runway. Co-Creative Director Rushemy Botter was filmed pulling the bags from a freezer behind the scenes of its SS23 show, just moments before models carried them down the runway, so they’d keep their shape before melting. To create the bags, the designers used moulds filled with water, before freezing them into shape and smashing them at the end of the show.

A material plummeting towards Earth

Coperni – the same brand behind the Air Swipe bag – also has a Mini Meteorite Swipe bag in its collection, which is essentially made from what it says on the tin. Utilising pieces of 55,000-year-old fallen meteorite, verified by the European paleontological gallery, Theatrum Mundi, each bag is entirely unique, handmade from the rare stone in Coperni’s Italian factory. Priced at $45,000, we’re more likely to have a Mini Meteorite Swipe bag fall out the sky and into our lap than afford Coperni’s version, but its still an iconic accessory.

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