Joeboy talks about his new single “Osadebe” 

Joeboy talks about his new single “Osadebe” 

by Juliette Eleuterio
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The Afrobeat singer and songwriter Joeboy takes it one day at a time, and everyday it seems that the Lagos native reaches a higher echelon. Joeboy was only 16 years old when his passion for music kicked in while in the studio with his friend and fellow musician 9ice, and just a year later decided to take his shot behind the mic.

Fast forward to today, and Joeboy has carved out a path that so many artists dream of. Recognised by one of the hottest in the game, Mr Eazi, Joeboy signed to his record label, emPawa Africa, back in 2017. Now, Joeboy has just joined Warner Music Africa, on top of running his own label, Young Legend. Today, we caught up with the young artist to talk all things label signing, musical journey, and his latest single, “Osadebe.”

Let’s take it back to the beginning. You were discovered by Mr Eazi back in 2017 and were first signed to emPawa Africa. What do you remember thinking or feeling in that moment? Was a professional career in music always something on your mind?

It was a wonderful feeling, I can’t lie, it was one of the best and most memorable moments of my life. It will always be a moment in my life I will always remember. Having a professional career in music is not something I always had in mind, I just really loved making music, it was something that made me happy. I’m just really thankful I get to make a living doing what I genuinely love. Whether or not I was a big artist, I’ll still be making music. 

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Did Mr Eazi share any words of wisdom that stuck with you?

Yes yes, he did. He was always dropping nuggets for me. I’ll say one of the major things he said to me that stuck with me was the value of consistency and persistence, you know, showing up everyday and always improving on yourself. He also showed me the business side of things, making sure I had an idea of how it works on the business side, and that has really helped me moving forward. 

Flash forward to now, and you’ve just been signed to Warner Music Africa. What does it mean, to you as an artist, to be signed to such a giant within the industry?

For me, the partnership is something I’m really excited about, I really can’t wait for the result of our teamwork to come to fruition and I know that’s happening already, I’m just really happy to do things on a bigger scale. 

How do you navigate being signed to a label while also running your own label, Young Legend?

So it’s a partnership, you know, I have my immediate team (my label) and I have Warner Music Team, so there are some parts my team handles and some, the Warner team. So I try to always find the balance and I have a great team too. So communication is clear, that way everyone is aware of what’s going on.

Tell me a little bit more about Young Legend. What’s it all about and what motivated you to start it?

I have always wanted to create a platform that would help and support emerging artists. As an artist I have seen how many artists struggle to get a breakthrough in the industry, especially understanding the business side and talent side of music. It’s just really my own way of contributing to the growth of the industry. I mean, Mr Eazi created emPawa Africa and I was discovered through emPawa. So, I want to be able to say that I helped other artists get heard, this is what really inspires me. 

Now let’s chat about your music. “Osadebe” is your latest track with the lyrics “Sometimes I feel like I’m supernatural.” Can you elaborate on this? Where or how do you feel your most super-powerful?

I’ll say making music itself is such a beautiful experience, the fact that I can create something out of my mind and imagination that could inspire people, make people dance, make people happy, make people turn up, and to connect with people is such a beautiful thing. I would get messages of how my music saved people, how it made them feel, it’s really beautiful, to be able to create something that could help people in a positive way, it’s almost like a supernatural thing.  So yes, sometimes, I feel like I’m supernatural because of the way I’ve been used as a vessel by God to spread good energy and good vibes to the world. 

You’re also getting ready to drop the music video for this one. What can you tell us about the video?

The video is very lit, very different, it portrays me in another light. One thing I always like to do when I’m shooting a music video is to have fun and make sure it is as beautiful as possible. The “Osadebe” music video has a unique and different feel to it and I’m just really excited about it and can’t wait for the world to see it. 

How do you navigate creating the visuals for a song you’ve worked on? Are you usually quite involved in that process? What does that process look like?

Sometimes, even when I’m creating the song, I already have an idea of what I want the visuals to look like. It is something that I have over time developed an interest in becoming a part of, I enjoy imagining and brainstorming with the team and bringing that imagination to life. It’s really interesting and important to tell my own story in my own way. 

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With this new single, you’re set to be touring in Europe later this year. What are you most looking forward to on tour and/or in Europe?

I really look forward to connecting with my fans in Europe, it’s been a while. I’m excited about it and can’t wait to have fun with them and create wonderful memories. 

Finally, what else have you got in store for us this year that you can tease?

More amazing music! I’ll say every lover of Joeboy is going to be having a really swell time this year because there is so much in the works and I can’t wait to share with everyone!

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