Miss Bashful on taking charge of her sexuality and being absolutely bashful

Miss Bashful on taking charge of her sexuality and being absolutely bashful

by Juliette Eleuterio
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The reclamation of words like ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ is something the uber-sexual dance and electro artist Miss Bashful has championed since day one, using her sexuality not just as her brand, but her on-stage superpower. Titles like Slut Commandments and Hard Being Hot already give you a pretty good idea of the spirit Miss Bashful brings to the function, but only seeing her drop it low on stage will allow to fully understand and channel her absolute bad b energy.

As much as *some* people love to tear down a woman living her best life and owning her own personality, Miss Bashful is going to keep serving cunt on a silver platter as if it were her birthright. Period. Today, we caught up with Miss Bashful to talk about all things bashful, her sexy beats, and finding empowerment through sex.

I wanted to start with your name, because it’s one of the most on-brand artist names I’ve ever heard. How did you come with Miss Bashful?

Well I’m actually kinda shy but I push myself out of my comfort zone. My lil sis had a shirt on that said “Miss Bashful” and she said it meant shy. I was confused because I thought it meant crazy like bashing someone. So I thought it was a fun contradiction. Cuz I appear nothin’ but bashful hehe.

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You’ve lived quite the international life, being born in Mexico City before moving to Texas and even living in Berlin at one point in your life. Do you think those cities had an impact on who you are as a person and how you approach music now?

ABSOLUTELY. Got that Tex-Mex sass and style. Then moving to Berlin when I was 19 all by myself completely alone and lost. I explored my sexuality and freedom and discovered the techno scene. I was like umm… there’s a lil Miss B cuntiness missing here in the techno scene. 

Anyone who’s ever listened to your music will know you’re super sex positive. Where does this stem from?

I think I have always been curious and wanting to explore new things with my sexuality. I grew up listening to the Chicago Musical and a lot of Britney Spears so that def shaped me.

More so than just being sex positive, you are the pioneer of what you call “slut techno.” For our readers who might not have dived into it before, how would you describe “slut techno?”

Music for sexually empowered and sex positive people who like sexy beats.

What does music making look like for you? What’s your ideal set up? Do you surround yourself with other people?

I write down every little cunt idea that pops into my head into my notes app. I usually have a concept and then I listen to the beat with the producer and come up with a flow and get some feedback from the producer.

I love how incredibly unapologetic you are about sex, which hasn’t always been easy for women who have been shamed in the past (and still to this day) for doing so. But for you, if you want to eat ass then you’ll eat ass and you’ll sing all about it later. Where does this confidence come from? Have you always been this confident?

Growing up I was told that men care about one thing – sex — and I was so fuckin’ furious and confused because I enjoyed it so much and I was like ‘girls can be sluts too wtf.’ I wanted to take charge of my sexuality. But it’s taken years to get to the point I am now (I am 25). But also my friends and I have always talked with each other the way I talk in my lyrics so it’s nothing crazy to us haha

But your lyrics and music isn’t just a flamboyant manifestation of your (and our) horny mind, it’s also a powerful reclamation of words such as ‘slut.’ Do you find that there is a certain power in reclaiming those terms?

YES I can’t believe being a slut used to be an insult. I have always thought it was a cool thing. I have always wanted to be a slut. 

As any woman who speaks up about sex, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of weird interactions. What’s the weirdest DM you’ve ever received?

Honestly not much shocks me I’ve experienced so much weird shit, but someone once asked me “Can I see the gates of heaven (your p*ssy) if I get Miss Bashful tattooed” I thought that was pretty funny.

What makes a set a good set for you?

When the crowd is going feral and screaming and shaking everythin’.

Lastly, what are you working on this year that you can tease for us? 

A bad bitch breakup album with DBBD.

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