That Mexican OT talks new album & thanks his fans

That Mexican OT talks new album & thanks his fans

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Virgil René Gazca, who you probably know better under the name of That Mexican OT, is going global, with his unique sound that blends old-school hip hop with Chicano rap. Half-Mexican and half-Texan, OT is prepping for his first trip not only out of Texas, but also out of the US, promoting his highly-anticipated new album.

Always accompanied by a full set of grills, the young rapper has come far in his career thanks to hit songs like Johnny Dang with Paul Wall and DRODi, or Cowboy Killer, much further than he had anticipated but exactly what his mother had envisioned for him at a young age. Despite his unmatched success, OT still remembers his day ones, and thanks his fans everyday for their undisputed support.

Ahead of his new album launch, we caught up with That Mexican OT to talk about all things music, world tours, and inspirations.

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That Mexican OT is a pretty straightforward name for you –  how did you come up with that?

I was already going by OT. It was something different. It was me just being me. My buddy Johnny was asking “what does OT mean?” Everybody was asking. It was “Out of Texas.” It just makes sense, so it just kind of happened.

This year is shaping up to be a big one for you, with the release of an album incoming. What can you tell us so far about the album?

It just sounds good, nothing special. I literally just do what I love and put it all together. I just end up liking it. Nothing too crazy. There’s no meaning behind it.

It’ll also mark the first time you will be travelling outside of the US. What’s one thing you’re most excited to see or experience here in the UK?

New vibes, because everywhere I go I like to catch a new vibe. It’s a different type of music [I’ll] get to create, so I’m excited to see what that area brings out of me, music wise. I’m excited to see what I feel over there. 

I hope I find somebody that’s on their sh*t, you know what I’m saying? I really want to work with someone out there. Everywhere I go, I feel like the best way that I can show my appreciation is by f*cking with whoever they f*ck with out there. I got that on my mind, for sure. 

Do you find that there’s a gap in the rap sector right now of Mexican-American, or any other hybrid nationality?

Yeah, there isn’t any [Mexican-American rapper] that’s known. There are a lot of Texan-Mexican artists, but they don’t really want to give them that spot. But then there are people like me, that’s where I come in. I’m taking music to a different level. And if you’re hating on it you just look like a dry-*ss hater, and who wants to look like that?

How do you bring your Mexican heritage into your music?

Sh*t I don’t know, I just do it. I’m Mexican to the bone, so it just happens naturally. I do great sh*t by accident. It just comes out.

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Was becoming a rapper always on your radar?

No. I don’t even think I had a goal in life. I just wanted to be okay, to be happy. I didn’t even know I was going to be a rapper. My mama knew I was going to be a rapper before I knew. 

I had a cousin called Homer Pimpson, and my uncle Mo, they were just doing it. So I was surrounded by music since a young age, being in the studio. You ever met a kid who by the time he was walking, he was already in karate? By the time I was walking, I was already rapping. My brain is just wired that way. I could be doing this for free. I don’t know what else to do. That’s why I go so hard with music. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. 

You seem to be one of them artists that thrives on performance. How do you get ready for a live gig? Do you have a pre-performance ritual?

Nah, I just pray. It isn’t anything too crazy. I just get that feeling like “it’s over, I’m here.” 

What’s one artist or song on your rotation at the minute?

Louisianimals by Lil Wayne.

Who’s one rapper or artist you’d love to collaborate with?

I want to work with whoever my fans want me to work with. 

And lastly, what do you want to leave our readers with? Anything you want to promote?

I just want to let them know that my intentions are pure. I’m forever grateful for any support or kind words that they have. I’m just grateful, man. I want everybody to know that I come with love.


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