Kim Jones gave us options for days for Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2024

Kim Jones gave us options for days for Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2024

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Kim Jones really said “let me give you everything” for Dior Homme’s Fall/Winter 2024 show.

The French Maison always brings the hype to its shows, thanks to its star-studded front row. This season welcomed NewJeans member HAERIN, actor Jung Hae-in, rapper Yeonjun, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, actor Aron Piper, and many more. 

From formal to casual wear, Dior’s latest menswear collection gave us options for days. The show started off with a short-legged, zipped-up romper, paired with a grey overcoat and what looked like a beret-headwrap hybrid, with two distinct knots appearing on each side.

The headpiece was seen throughout the collection, accompanied by a series of tailored looks, all found in neutral tones but with a pop of colour found on the socks and accessories, nodding to Jones’ previous collection which made full use of neon colours. We also saw kimono-inspired pieces, which were made by master craftsmen in Japan.

It really seems like Kim Jones was on a worldly trip this season, trying to fit in as much as possible. We saw a bathrobe inspired jacket as well as interestingly-cut suits, such as this maroon-coloured jacket. There was also a double-denim look, cinched at the waist with a belt, and paired with a chunky silver necklace, that came as a standout outfit from the collection. As you’ve probably seen during other runway shows this Fashion Week, capes are the new jacket, and we just got the Dior seal of approval on the dramatic garment.

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The grandma core and grandpa chic trend really came through this season, with conservative silhouettes and tones. This was juxtaposed with a youthful feeling permeating from diamond-encrusted pieces, mesh tops, and the pops of colours seen throughout.

We also saw some feminine elements embedded throughout the collection, such as on the ruffled collar peeking out from a brown suit, tops cinched at the waist to create an hourglass figure, and the use of pearls and sparkling gemstones, which was threaded onto coats, tops, and jackets. This gender-blurring was actually inspired by the ballet dancer Margot Fonteyn, who Monsieur Dior was very fond of, and her famous dance partner Rudolf Nureyev, who was close to Jones’ family. This created for an even more varied offering – we told you, Kim Jones really wanted options this season.

For his Spring/Summer 2024 show, Jones blew all of us away with his model-going-underground trick, but that isn’t the only trick up his sleeve. This season, models stood in a circular formation after having walked the runway, as the floor under their feet started spinning before rising, leaving us jaw-dropped.

Dior’s FW24 menswear collection was ultimately rooted in elegance – an elegance that has been rethought for the modern man, where gender and age norms are thrown out the window in the name of unbound personal expression.

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