DIESEL❤️VES LEE® said “sharing is caring”

DIESEL❤️VES LEE® said “sharing is caring”

by Robyn Pullen
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DIESEL❤️VES is the new and ongoing program launched by Diesel that’s encouraging its competitors to work together to create a better future for the fashion industry and the planet. How? By sharing their existing materials, manufacturing and creative resources, to create a limited-edition collaborative capsule collection that’s entirely recycled.

Glenn Martens, Diesel’s Creative Director, is using his power within the fashion industry to bring a more purposeful approach to the cult of fashion collaborations, by taking on a more sustainable angle. And better yet, he’s enlisting other brands to take part as well. 

For Diesel’s first ever edition of DIESEL❤️VES, the brand is collaborating with Lee®, the American denim company, working together to turn unsold stock into a capsule collection of jeans that are one half Diesel and one half Lee® – literally. 

As two iconic denim manufacturers, the partnership of Diesel and Lee® symbolises the power and influence of denim as a method of unity even today. Denim has always been appreciated as the uniform that unites us all despite our differences, an icon of modern life and sensibilities.

In an effort to combat overproduction and recycle waste, the jeans are artisanally conceived and crafted from 50/50 of the brand’s respective denim, with 3,000 pairs available each embracing a range of lengths and rises. What this means is that, not only are you purchasing a pair of jeans that’s environmentally circular and actively combatting material waste, but it also can be tailored exactly to your measurements. 

And, on top of this, 100% of the program’s profits are being donated to UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency. Even if you don’t need new jeans, there’s never been a pair more worth buying. 

Check out a preview of the DIESEL❤️VES LEE® capsule exclusively on Diesel’s website from today, and get excited for the full collection to launch in March 2024. That’s plenty of time to save up for a good cause, right?

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