Culted Community Talks: PETA vs fur

Culted Community Talks: PETA vs fur

by Ollie Cox
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Ice Spice’s Grammys outfit left you a lot fur-ious this week, sparking the age-old fashion feud around the ethics of fur. We all know fur is bad. It’s cruel and looks better on animals. But the debate around second-hand gets a little more sticky. For the 66th Grammy Awards, the “Gangsta Boo” rapper pulled up in a PETA-provoking Y2K-style denim, fur-trimmed denim jacket and jean two-piece, prompting the nonprofit organisation to post about the perils of fur to Instagram. 

Following some back and forth around whether or not the jacket was faux or not, it was confirmed to be made from repurposed vintage fur, leading to many calling her out for promoting the cruel practice, and it’s safe to say you guys had a lot to say when we posted about it.

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A fair few Culted commenters pointed out the environmental impacts of faux fur. @gartruche wrote: “Faux fur is plastic and is worse for the planet!!!!” And with that many exclamation marks, we know she meant it. @sululuxelife felt the same way, backing up their faux-fur-averse comrade with her own take on the whole debacle. “Exactly! It’s better just to thrift real fur if that’s something that isn’t minded or just wear alternative natural fabrics.”

@mirandamonroe.xo came straight in with a cut-throat take on the whole ordeal, taking to Instagram to comment on how she feels about Ice Spice’s place in the fashion industry. “Why is she being attacked for literally just following a trend? She’s not a fashion icon, she follows existing trends. Doesn’t make sense.”

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We all know fur coats are having a moment with the TikTok fashion girlies, who have swapped “Rat-girl,” for a non-existent relationship with a gangster, and @boyfrunt was an avid defender of the “Mob Wife” look, leaving us with a punchy five-line take on the situation: “People mad at c*nty fashion.” We’ll let you make up your mind about this one. 

How could we forget about PETA’s concluding comment: “We confirmed with the store it was real fur. Real fur causes immense suffering. Don’t like fake? Don’t need to wear that either. Everyone should know better than to support an industry that bludgeons, gasses and skins animals for their fur.” And we have to say, we don’t disagree. 

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