Who’s here for the alien-ification of Coperni?

Who’s here for the alien-ification of Coperni?

by Robyn Pullen
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Coperni as a brand has never been afraid of the future, but this season it was lightyears ahead of us. With shoes designed for an extra-terrestrial terrain, silhouettes straight out of another dimension, and bags made from materials created by NASA (yes, you read that right), watching Coperni’s FW24 show was kind of like peering through a wormhole into what the future of fashion could look like. From founders Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the same brains behind SS23’s spray-on dress that the fashion industry is still yet to recover from, here are our favourite futuristic details from Coperni’s FW24 show. 

The bag everyone’s talking about

The Air Swipe Bag was teased by Coperni just hours ahead of its FW24 show, and yet we still weren’t ready for it on the runway. Despite being a new take on the brand’s pre-existing silhouette, what sets the Air Swipe Bag apart from Coperni’s past iterations of the Swipe Bag (usually made out of glass), is that its made from NASA’s nanomaterial silica aerogel. 99% air and 1% glass, the material has a foggy, cloud-like appearance, is described as being the lightest solid on Earth, and up until this now has been used by NASA to capture stardust. At FW24, it was transformed into Coperni’s most iconic accessory yet.

Shoes like walking on stars

Footwear at Coperni FW24 featured a variety of silhouettes, each more unique and original than the last. The classic pointed-toe heel was elevated with sharp lines and cut-out details, whilst heels with wide, flat circular soles appeared almost to have been designed for walking on strange, otherworldly terrains. However, the most show-stopping styles of footwear were designed with soles in the shapes of stars. Basically, stardust was a theme throughout the collection, and one we’re now obsessed with.

Intergalactic fur
Coperni ©

From fur trimmed skirts and belts which add a pop of contrasting texture to looks, to a full fur coat detailed with blue seeping up from the bottom, the fur at Coperni was elevated yet original. To put it simply, whatever extraterrestrial species was used to create the fur looks from Coperni’s FW24 show, we want to thank it. 

Necklines were giving Saturn

Fur necklines adorned dresses seen at Coperni FW24 but not in any style you’ve seen before. Instead of tightly hugging the dress the whole way around, these necklines were attached at the front but stood far out from the garment itself at the back in a wide ring reminiscent of those that wrap around planets. Swinging lightly as models walked, the hoop style details were unique in a way we want to see more of.

Featured image via Coperni ©

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