Collina Strada said “femme is a flex” at FW24

Collina Strada said “femme is a flex” at FW24

by Robyn Pullen
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Welcome to Collina’s Gym: we hope you’re ready to sweat. For the Collina Strada Fall/Winter 2024 show, the brand’s eponymous designer placed a focus on work outs, but not in the way we’re used to. Rather than working out your body, Collina’s Gym is where your inner feminine power takes outer chiselled form.

From models carrying makeshift weights – designed to look as though they’re made from underripe, green squashes – to garments with beefed up silhouettes and ballooning shoulder pads, Collina Strada has taken deadlift dead-stock fabrics and turned them into a gym membership for the soul for FW24.

Given that the show was hosted at HERO at Rockefeller Center, an immersive experience, guests entered the “gym” to huge art displays, playing psychedelic depictions of nature and animals across the walls and ceilings. And this theme of nature translated into the collection too, with floral prints appearing on printed dresses and classic UGGs made from corn leather.

Whilst swole silhouettes were a common feature within the collection, the bulging shoulder pads on shirts and jackets were adorned with ruffled, chiffon tulle, adding a feminine touch. Likewise, lace, satin, and velvet appear regularly, on everything from muscle suits to boots.

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This muscular makeover isn’t to say that Collina Strada’s typical diversity has been replaced with body-builders at its latest show. Models of all ages, body-types, and abilities appeared on the runway, with even a literal baby being carried by one model. As Collina Strada’s ethos maintains, working out at Collina’s Gym isn’t about achieving a desirable figure.

The show’s press release explains, “the femme body and mind has long been shaped by the imagination of men. It’s about time we re-sculpted that meat-headed vision into something closer to the reality of femininity – something altogether sweatier yet more refined.”

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