It’s official: BLACKPINK is not breaking up

It’s official: BLACKPINK is not breaking up

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Rumours of BLACKPINK splitting up have been making their rounds, especially due to speculations that Jennie would be leaving the group, effectively terminating her contract with YG Entertainment and starting her own agency. But fear not, the K-pop group have officially renewed their contract with YG Entertainment.

The pop star girlies are a dying breed, with the pop phenomenon peeking in the 2000s to early 2010s. But BLACKPINK is here to change the narrative. Often referred to as “the biggest pop group ever,” the Korean girl band has had us all in a chokehold ever since they first burst into the scene, in 2016.

The rumours surrounding Jennie leaving took on a whole new life when The Idol was coming out, as she first dipped her toes into acting. Just before releasing her brand new single as a solo artist, titled “You & Me,” Jennie told Harper’s Bazaar that “I’m making a song that’s by Jennie, the most Jennie and something unique that is only Jennie’s.” So it seemed like a separation from the group in favour of a solo career was definitely on the table.

Though it isn’t just Jennie who was the subject of leaving rumours. Each other member, including Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, have all been rumoured to leave BLACKPINK in order to kickstart their solo career, like the way it happened to so many other different K-pop bands.

Thankfully, BLACKPINK is here to stay and continue to slay. Earlier this year, YG Entertainment put out a statement, saying “an exclusive contract for group activities based on strong trust” has been signed.

Anyway, Siri play “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK.

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