Is Jennie Kim officially leaving BLACKPINK?

Is Jennie Kim officially leaving BLACKPINK?

by Robyn Pullen
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The lifespan of a world-renowned music group can either burn bright and fast or hold the torch for decades, but one thing is always certain: inevitably, someone will go solo. After nine iconic years producing music together, gaining the widely known status of “the biggest girl group in the world,” it seems the reign of BLACKPINK is over. Or at least, as a collective.

Back in July, rumours began circulating that Jennie Kim would be leaving BLACKPINK, whispering that she had plans to terminate her contract with YG Entertainment and launch her own agency. However, that didn’t happen. The rumours just kind of subsided and most people adopted the mentality that “surely she would never.” Well, it looks like we were wrong.

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The rumours were reignited when Jennie Kim, who’d already dipped her toe into acting in Season 1 of The Idol, announced she’d be launching a solo career. Just before releasing her brand new single as a solo artist, titled “You & Me,” Jennie told Harper’s Bazaar that “I’m making a song that’s by Jennie, the most Jennie and something unique that is only Jennie’s.” So it seems like it’s all about Jennie… and not BLACKPINK.

Then, according to industry insiders, on the 21st of September, BLACKPINK member Rosé signed to renew her contract with YG Entertainment, but none of the group’s other three members followed suit. We were left in the dark whilst negotiations continued; however, it was shortly revealed that Jennie and Jisoo have each established their own individual agencies. Despite this, YG Entertainment remained optimistic. 

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Until finally, it was reported that Lisa had rejected a 50 billion won offer to renew her contract from YG Entertainment, and as a result the agency’s stocks plummeted. CNBC declared that shares of the K-pop agency plunged by 9% after Lisa rejected the offer, and with hints that more members of the girl group will follow in her footsteps, things aren’t looking positive for YG Entertainment. 

Whilst we’re still waiting for confirmation that Jisoo and Jennie have or haven’t renewed their contracts at YG Entertainment, we’re not optimistic that either will. Considering the fact that both girls have launched their own agencies, everything seems to imply that this is the end of BLACKPINK. The girl group that’s dominated music globally for just under a decade is most likely over. So, what’s next?

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It’s clear that Jennie’s heading down a more music-oriented path given her announcement of an upcoming solo album, but are the other three girls following in similar directions? Considering that Lisa just became the first ever K-pop soloist with two 14 million-like music videos on YouTube, her career is definitely pointing down a more music-driven route.

However, Jisoo might be going further into fashion, given that her becoming the Top Influencer for Dior Spring/Summer 2024 brought in 26% (or $11.5M) of Dior’s total EMV. Likewise, Rosé seems to be focusing more on acting, due to the recent rumours of her plans to appear on Season 5 of the Chinese variety show, Sisters Who Make Waves.

Undoubtedly the death of BLACKPINK will cause a major shakeup in both K-pop and the music industry in general. Leaving a gaping hole in music where BLACKPINK used to be will likely open a spot for a new group to take their title of “the biggest girl group in the world.” But who it’ll be, we’re not sure.

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