BFRND is taking Balenciaga Music to another dimension 

BFRND is taking Balenciaga Music to another dimension 

by Ollie Cox
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BFRND is bringing the Balenciaga sound into another realm, beyond clothing and killer catwalks, and into the online world. Balenciaga Music | BFRND is the latest digital project from the House to further its cultural impact under the creative umbrella of its Musical Director, BFRND. 

BFRND is the brains behind the Balenciaga sound you’ve heard on the runway and imagined every time you’re feeling sick stomping down the street. He’s produced original soundtracks for every Balenciaga presentation since 2017, bringing his own genre-spanning spin to show music, with electronic and classical pieces regularly being a source of audible inspiration. 

Anyway, into the nitty gritty. The Balenciaga Music | BFRND series comprises T-shirts, and zip-up hoodies, which feature animated BFRND graphics. But it goes way beyond clothing. As part of the project, BFRND has curated a four-hour long original playlist, crammed with a load of his creative influences as well as an original 8-bit video game. The game itself allows you to play as BFRND bouncing around Balenciaga show sets from Winter 2021, Winter 2022, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024 dodging rats, scaling window ledges, and pouncing over pigeons between show sets. As BFRND progresses through the game, he picks up some banging Balenciaga pieces including digi Le City bags and those Chevalier Armour Boots. The game will launch with a worldwide contest where the top 30 players will be rewarded. 

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The first three levels of the BFRND: The Game are accessible through a microsite, WeChat, or touchscreen at the Balenciaga Paris Montaigne and Shanghai flagships, just like when Balenciaga hit the online slopes for its virtual ski game last year. If you nab a piece of the merch for yourself, there’s a bonus level that you can access via a Near Field Communication chip embedded into the clobber. BFRND goes full goth mode for the campaign in some family snaps donning pieces from the collection. Our guess is they’re mardy because they’ve not played the Balenciaga Music | BFRND game, but we can’t say for sure. 

With the release of the game around the corner, we caught up with BFRND to chat Sade, Slipknot, and what goes into the Balenciaga sound.

Let’s talk about the Balenciaga Music Series. How did it happen? 

The Balenciaga Music I BFRND Merch was a part of the Summer 24 collection and since it was a very personal show for Demna it was natural for him to have a BFRND T-Shirt with the soundtrack cover as the front print. 

What went into making the playlist for the series? 

For this playlist I wanted to incorporate all the different music genres that I listen to. The fusion of all of them reflects my taste in music. The fact that there are artists like Sade and Slipknot in the same playlist is very me, I find that coexistence very poetic. 

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If you could be one video game character, who would you be? 

If I could be a video game character, I’d be Princess Peach because why not? 

What is the key to the Balenciaga sound? 

Emotion. No matter which one, it has to trigger something in the listeners and transport them into a cinematic journey. 

If you could get in the studio with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be? 

From the dead ones I’d choose Johann Sebastian Bach, it sounds so odd that it excites me a lot. If I’d have to work with someone still alive I’d do it with Slipknot and do something completely out of their box and go crazy.

If you could say one thing to your metal-loving younger self, what would it be? 

Don’t doubt. You know what you want, listen to your gut feeling and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You will encounter difficulties because you are different but it’s what makes you special. 

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What was the last song you listened to last night and the first you listened to this morning? 

Nothing and nothing. I don’t really listen to music. My brain constantly composes, it’s like having an infinite inner radio that diffuses only my stuff so listening to music on top of that is a lot to take in.

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