Bella Poarch CULTED Exclusive Interview HUGO Flannels

Bella Poarch wants you to unleash your inner baddie

Bella Poarch wants you to unleash your inner baddie

by Eric Brain
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Bella Poarch: United States Navy veteran, TikTok sensation, “Build a Bitch” songstress, and now HUGO collaborator. Is there anything she can’t do?

After conquering TikTok with her viral clips – currently holding the record for the most likes on any video ever on the app – Bella Poarch now ranks as the world’s third most-followed content creator. As if that weren’t enough, her songs have propelled her into the influencer stratosphere, joining the ranks of Mia Khalifa and Bretman Rock, two fashion-forward stars who aptly appeared in the music video for Poarch’s hit song, “Build a Bitch.”

Now, she embodies her “dark and edgy” dream of the fashion House. Teaming up with HUGO – a brand that underwent a Gen Z revival and chose Poarch to front its Fall/Winter 2023 campaign alongside Chase Hudson, Chiara Hovland, Ashley Moore, Lola Clark, and William Ernult – the multifaceted content creator presents her capsule, influenced by everything she loves.

What does that entail? You’ll have to read on to find out – but the result is a collection of essentials. Some are cropped, some are elongated, some come with chains, while others feature crystal embellishments. They all incorporate qualities that will help you “feel comfortable and [be] the bad bitch that [you] are.”

Bella Poarch CULTED Exclusive Interview HUGO Flannels
Aura Arif / CULTED©
Soldier, TikTokker, singer, and now fashion designer. Is your goal global domination?

I love keeping myself busy and doing so many things. But honestly, I want to be a veterinarian next. I love animals; I grew up on a farm and I took care of dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, cows. I just love animals, so maybe that’s what I am doing next. 

Has it been fun exploring your fashionable side?

All of my [interests] are different – fashion is definitely more fun than being a soldier! But, I think my favourite so far has been making music. Every time I am in the studio, just writing personal things about my life, and being surrounded by a lot of creative people – I’ve been working with a lot of new producers recently – it’s all been very, very fun. I love writing music. 

How do these varied passions inform what you have done with HUGO?

I love HUGO. Its creativity is unmatched. Designing this capsule collection with them has been awesome, and I think what inspired it was my Dolls EP. It’s dark and edgy. Every single time that I wear dark and edgy clothes, I just feel very empowered. 

The Bella Poarch x HUGO collection is described as one that celebrates your “grunge and glam fashion approach.” 

[My aesthetic] comes from a lot of anime that I watched when I was growing up, and a lot of sci-fi films. I also have a lot of creative friends, like Grimes. I love, love, her style. And Bretman Rock who is also a fashion icon. It’s from a lot of those things. 

Bella Poarch CULTED Exclusive Interview HUGO Flannels
Aura Arif / CULTED©
How did the influences impact the collection?

It was really easy working with HUGO. Putting the collection together… my style is on brand with HUGO’s style. It was really fun. 

Like yourself, the collection is dubbed “daring.” Can you talk me through this in more detail?

It’s definitely edgy. If you were to wear my collection you’d feel more confident because it’s a mixture of dark and sexy. This dress [points to a sequin-covered mini dress], is really cute. 

What makes HUGO the brand to best explore your creativity?

I love HUGO because it pushes the boundaries. All the things I’ve put out are things that I would wear, so it’s perfect. I am very honoured to do a collection with HUGO and release it!

Bella Poarch CULTED Exclusive Interview HUGO Flannels
Aura Arif / CULTED©
And where does this creativity come from? It resulted in you being the third most followed TikTok personality, and gaining the most number of likes on any TikTok post ever. It’s clearly working!

I grew up not being able to do things that I love, like singing and I wasn’t allowed to do arty stuff because my parents were strict and they wanted me to go to school and just do academic stuff. But now, as an adult, I can fully do these creative things, so I just make myself busy by doing fun things that I love. 

Is that rebellious?

Yes, I am definitely a rebel. I remember getting my first tattoo when I joined the military, I was 18. I was so excited. 

My music videos are very empowering and I love to speak up about important things. I want to make music for people that go through the same things that I do, so that they feel seen and relate to that. 

“Build a Bitch” was my first single. It’s about being true to yourself and being content with who you are. It’s the saying, “Build a Bitch,” you don’t get to pick and choose, you know? “Dolls” is about speaking up about what’s important to you. 

Do the clothes in the Bella Poarch x HUGO capsule follow in the footsteps of these messages?

Definitely. There’s something about wearing dark clothes, it always makes me feel like a bad bitch. Thigh high boots make me feel confident in anything I do – in all my music videos, I’m wearing high heels or dark thigh highs. 

If you could sum up this collection in three words, what would they be?

Empowering, comfortable, sexy. Yeah.

Is this what you want your fans to feel when wearing this collection?

I want them to feel hot. They can mix and match it with other things, it all goes well [together]. I want them to feel comfortable and the bad bitch that they are.

Bella Poarch CULTED Exclusive Interview HUGO Flannels
Aura Arif / CULTED©

The collection can be found via: HUGO x Bella Poarch at

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