Autry celebrates its new sneaker release with a Denzel Curry-fronted event

Autry celebrates its new sneaker release with a Denzel Curry-fronted event

by Juliette Eleuterio
2 min

The American footwear brand Autry linked up with the global music platform NTS and rapper Denzel Curry to hit up East London’s hit pop-up street right off Brick Lane to celebrate the launch of its new sneaker, the Reelwind.

The Dray Walk pop-up is now open to the public and immerses its visiting community in a blend of fashion, music and culture. Last night, we met up with Curry who told us “Me I’m the type of person I don’t speak about big ass brands and shit like that you know what I’m saying? Trying to force something you don’t like, I genuinely like the shoes – shit’s comfortable as hell.”

Curry’s favourite Reelwind colourway was the red one though the offering remained diverse — “Power Ranger colours,” as Curry describes them. The new shoe arrives in five colours – the classic black and white, as well as the colourful blue, red and green. It features a suede and nylon-panelled upper and an ultra-light rubber Phylon outsole.

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Clearly inspired by an ‘80s Americana aesthetic, and in turn, the brand’s past, the shoe featured subtle branding, such as embossed stars, logos and the signature A-arrow around the rubber sole. The Reelwind was created with agility in mind without compromising the comfort that becomes evident as soon as that first shoe slips on.

Autry has made its comeback since its inception, when in 2019 three Italian entrepreneurs took the matter in their own hands and committed the brand to a hard relaunch. Clearly, the efforts paid off as Autry now finds itself on the cusp of youth culture, while maintaining a respect for its heritage. 

Autry’s Reelwind shoe is now available online as well as in its temporary store.

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