SOLDIER is shaping the future of global art with Yardland 

SOLDIER is shaping the future of global art with Yardland 

by Ollie Cox
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Lagos-born, London-based artist and creative SOLDIER has been announced as the new Art Curator of the 2024 Yardland Festival in Paris. The appointment will see SOLDIER assist the Paris-based creative ecosystem in taking in new and immersive cultural experiences. 

The festival aims to place hip-hop and African-Caribbean music at the forefront of Parisian nightlife. Since its inception, Yardland, which was born from the imagination of the creative collective Yard, has helped give members of its community the chance to connect with artists such as Travis Scott, Migos, A$AP Rocky, and REMA to name a few. 

Now, as Yardland makes its in-person debut, SOLDIER has been brought on board to share insights from his unique position between painting, fashion, and sculpture. The London-based artist shares a number of experiences and values with Yard, from honouring multiculturalism to supporting equality. 

As an art curator, SOLDIER will provide Yard with its main social asset, the ID card. This will be used as a template when introducing the array of artists performing at the festival, doubling up as tangible on-site visuals. The card will be used to purchase exclusive online merch on-site, too.

Despite now being based in London, SOLDIER’s artistic inspirations are rooted around the world. The creative first discovered art in his homeland before settling in the fertile creative milieu of London. His work is rooted in the art of agitation, disruption, and entertaining the non-conformity of objects that can be found hidden in the background of everyday life. His multifaceted talent makes him the perfect collaborator for Yard, a project rooted in creativity across a range of disciplines. 

Yard will take place this year between July 6 and 7, promoting talent from across the globe, including Gunnna, Amaarae, Shay, NSG and Cristale, alongside a host of international DJs and lifestyle collectives. 

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