Women-owned brands we love: the shopping guide

Women-owned brands we love: the shopping guide

by Robyn Pullen
6 min

From Martine Rose to Mowalola, here are our favourite women-owned brands that deserve a spotlight this March (and every month of the year). Keep reading to show some love for the female designers changing the game right now.

Mowalola Turtleneck M Cardigan – £300.00 / $379.00

Nigerian-born fashion designer Mowalola has made a name for herself in London where she lives as one of the greatest young designers of the next generation. From her non-traditional silhouettes to her blend of London and Nigerian youth cultures, Mowalola’s style is wholly unique and completely iconic.


1XBLUE Mescondi Top – £100.00 / $127.00

Lois Saunders launched independent label 1XBLUE  in 2020 and has since predicted the brand into the eye-line of celebrities, influencers, and the fashion obsessed alike. Known for her upcycled bodysuits, mini shirts, and bikinis, 1XBLUE is sexy, feminine, and growing a cult following faster than we can blink.


Martine Rose Cut Peak Cap – £203.00 / $257.00

Martine Rose is a British-Jamaican designer shaking things up in the London fashion scene. Blending aesthetics from various subcultures, including rave, hip-hop and punk, Rose is known for her menswear in particular, shaping the next generations style with a streetwear edge and a Jamaican flamboyance.


Isa Boulder SSENSE Exclusive Green Torn Sweater – £410.00 / $518.00

Isa Boulder is the Bali-based fashion brand founded by collaborative duo, Cecilia Basari and Yuli Suri. Known for its swim and knitwear, the brand’s been picked up by the likes of Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian, and FKA Twigs since it was founded. Utilising sustainable and ethical means of design, Isa Boulder’s Indonesian designers are shaking up the Bali bikini wave.


Ahluwalia Behind the Womxn Graphic Tee – £105.00 / $133.00

Priya Ahluwalia is the London-based female designer who’s been dubbed “a pioneer in the fashion industry.” She’s known for her textile and patchwork techniques, vibrant colour-schemes, and the Indian-Nigerian influence in her designs. Plus, a lot of her collection features upcycling and reupholstered vintage material for a sustainable edge.


Wales Bonner Women’s Jewel Sneaker – £560.00 / $707.00

Wales Bonner, the South-East London raised designer with Jamaican heritage is known for her vibrant style, featuring a blend of depictions of her European heritage with her Afro Atlantic spirit. Featuring luxury menswear with a range of influences, Bonner’s streetwear and sneakers are some of the most sought-after pieces.


CHOPOVA LEWENA Garland Mini Carabina Skirt – £1,410.00 / $1781.00

CHOPOVA LEWENA is the collaborative brand founded by sisters Emma Chopova Lowena and Laura Lowena. Known for their juxtaposition of folklore aesthetics with sportswear styles, CHOPOVA LOWENA is elevated, modern, and youthful.


Bianca Saunders Blue Ess Jeans – £625.00 / $790.00

Bianca Saunders is a British-Jamaican designer making her edgy, gender-bending mark on the London fashion scene. With a focus on menswear, Saunders’ androgynous angle is elevated, stylised, and modern, utilising a variety of textured, vibrant patterns, and bold colour palettes.


Marine Serre Embossed Leather Mini Futura – £610.00 / $770.00

Marine Serre is a French fashion designer known for whimsical prints and blend of couture with sportswear silhouettes. Having worked as a designer at Balenciaga for a period, Serre has long earned her fashion stripes and now produces collections with critical acclaim. 


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