From musky rockstars to elusive ghosts, what does your Spring fragrance embody?

From musky rockstars to elusive ghosts, what does your Spring fragrance embody?

by Robyn Pullen
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It’s finally feeling like Spring and, as any good fragrance fanatic knows, the change in weather, temperature, and vibes is the perfect moment to swap out your Fall/Winter scent for a Spring/Summer update. That’s exactly why this week’s shopping guide – celebrating National Fragrance Week – is bringing you a breath of fresh air via the best transitional fragrances that’ll help get you in the mood for warmer weather. Keep reading for our top Spring/Summer fragrance picks.

Byredo Mojave Ghost – £220.00 / $279.48

Byredo’s Mojave Ghost is a familiar scent inspired by the beauty of the Mojave Desert. Woody, musky, and wild, the fragrance features top notes of ambrette and Jamaican nesberry, has powdery violet and sandalwood at its heart, and sinks into a warm Chantilly musk with amber and cedar wood at its base. Raw, lingering, and beautifully ghostly, the scent is evocative of hot summers spent basking on the Mojave Desert sands.


LOEWE Solo Vulcan – £180.00 / $229.00

Vulcun is one of the scents within LOEWE’s Solo family of fragrances, and features a fresh yet fiery eruption of volcanic wildflowers. The Solo family is inspired by the “harmonious balance of sunset,” yet Vulcan stands apart from the rest of the range through powerful notes of thyme, lavender, orange flower, and the Spanish Rockrose wildflower. This is balanced with balsamic, woody, and herbal notes for a fresh finish.


Perfumer H ​Fig Eau de Parfum – £560.00 / $711.00

Inspired by “summer’s most magical fruit tree” – the fig tree, of course – Perfumer H’s Fig is perfect for a sweet, warming transition into Spring. With a base of cedar wood and black pepper for a touch of spice, the scent’s notes of fig tree sap, green leaf and oranger eau de brouts blend sweetly with a hint of rose to add depth to this elegant floral fragrance. Its sticky, sweet, and delicious: just like a fig.


& Other Stories Moon Fiction – £29.00 / $37.00

A sharp, zingy fragrance that’ll act as a shot of boldness to your scent palette is Moon Fiction by & Other Stories. With top notes of bergamot and sharp lime, heart notes of ginger and peach, and warm base notes of sugared musks and sandalwood, this scent is reminiscent of a spicy ginger shot to wake you up.


Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 + Ginger – £115.00 / $146.00

Escentric Molecules’ Molecule 01 + Ginger is crafted from the molecule Iso E Super, blended with a touch of ginger. With a fresh scent profile, the fragrance blends Iso E Super’s warm cedar wood tonality with the spicy scent of ginger, creating a fragrance that’s soothing yet peppery and perfect for getting you geared up for Spring. 


Bleu Nour Canna Crush – £36.00 / $46.00

Bleu Nour’s latest fragrance drop is inspired the unique scent of weed, only sexier. Whilst derived from a scent that most people likely are familiar with, Canna Crush blends smoky cannabis with notes of leather, pink pepper, osmanthus, and white musk. The result is a sultry, sensual take on a scent that, for many of us, reminds us of good times. Unique and (healthily) addictive, Canna Crush promises relaxed and delicious vibes. 


CELINE Haute Parfumerie Reptile – £215.00 / $273.00

CELINE’s eau de parfum, Reptile is evocative of the rock star portraits that Creative Director Hedi Slimane made throughout his life as a couturier, and this is exactly how it makes its wearer feel too: like a rockstar. Blending cider, pepper, tress moss, leather accord, and musk, Reptile is elegantly mysterious yet addictively toxic. It’s musky, powdery, and delicious: a scent you’ll sink into.


Louis Vuitton Pur Oud – £1,350.00 / $1,716.00

One of Louis Vuitton’s most luxurious fragrance comes in the form of Pur Oud. As part of the brand’s Pure Perfumes collection, the elevated scent is a gesture of absolute refinement, inspired by traditional ideas of layering. Pur Oud is a concentrated yet minimalist composition, utilising woody notes with a blend of amber and spice. Luxurious and intense, trust us that Pur Oud is well worth every penny.


Gabar 03 Swim – £120.00 / $151.00

London-based fragrance brand, GABAR‘s 03 Swim eau de parfum is a sweet and fruity fragrance reminiscent of the vibrant Spring flora we’re about to see bloom. With notes of blackcurrant bud and wild fig, blended with patchouli, amber, and musk for depth, this fragrance is essentially the scent of summer, bottled.


ALTRA SKIN – £168.00 / $211.00

ALTRA is a fragrance brand with a focus on layering, and ALTRA SKIN is the perfect place to start. Layering scents is becoming an ever more popular trend in 2024, and this scent is ideal due to its veil-like quality. Described as “simultaneously elevating and inhabiting your skin,” whether you’re an expert on layering fragrances or just looking to try it out, we’d recommend you start here.


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