Tyler, the Creator’s Louis Vuitton collection is here

Tyler, the Creator’s Louis Vuitton collection is here

by Ollie Cox
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Last month, it was announced that Tyler, the Creator, would design a collection for Louis Vuitton for Spring/Summer 2024, in line with Pharrell’s vision for the Maison. And now, it’s finally here. 

The capsule collection exercises the savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton through the artist’s inimitable creative lens, demonstrating the LVERS community: a global artistic network connected by an appreciation for the discernment and craftsmanship core to Louis Vuitton. 

Tyler, the Creator’s clothing collaboration furthers the musician’s relationship with the Maison, which most recently composed the soundtrack for its Fall/Winter 2022 Men’s show. Key pieces from the collection include bucket hats, pleated trousers, and short suits, as well as a selection of accessories such as BMX bike keyrings and a golf club cover. 

Of course, because it’s Louis Vuitton, there’s a load of lovely luggage and bags featured in the collaboration. Each piece is adorned with Tyler’s own “Craggy” take on the classic monogram, which adorns Speedy bags in a range of sizes, a Sac Chien dog carrier, and a special-edition Courrier Lozine 110 trunk. 

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Campaign shots showcase Tyler’s take on the monogram, which features on BMX bikes with flower-spoked wheels, pastel ties, and slippers. Branded picnic blankets can be seen laid on the luscious green grass of a coastal setting, complementing the grass-green Damier pattern applied to a Sac Golf and mini cross-body gold bag. This perfectly encapsulates the spirit of travel that is intrinsically linked to the Louis Vuitton brand, while speaking to a contemporary luxury market.

Across the collection, Tyler’s unique fusion of streetwear with high-end preppy looks can be seen in Tyler-approved takes on the Dandy Loafer and short-sleeved shirts, with the two intersecting in a rural setting, aligning with Pharrell’s vision for the House. 

The Tyler, the Creator for Louis Vuitton Collection is available to purchase online and in stores from today. 

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