Why the Gucci bag at Wimbledon is more dramatic than you think

Why the Gucci bag at Wimbledon is more dramatic than you think

by Robyn Pullen
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Wimbledon is arguably one of the most iconic sporting events in the world, and that’s not just because of the tennis. The whole aesthetic that surrounds Wimbledon is giving “quiet luxury”, simply because of the fact that it’s typically attended by the ultra-wealthy who sip champagne, eat strawberries, and never fail to show up in their best fits.

With even the likes of Zendaya, Beyoncé, and Jay Z having been spotted in the crowd at Wimbledon in the past, dressed in the crisp, clean looks that we naturally associate with the event, it’s no doubt an occasion to dress up for. However, as eye-catching as the audience’s fits may be, on the court there’s always been a strict dress-code.

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The rules have basically always said that as soon as players step out of the changing room doors, their full tennis kits, from socks to headbands (yes, even underwear) are required to be completely white. However, at this year’s games, there’s been some rule breaking. We’re of course talking about Italian player, Jannik Sinner, who stepped onto the court with a monogrammed Gucci duffle bag slung over his shoulder.

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Whilst players are allowed to bring bags onto the court, Sinner’s deep-brown Gucci bag goes massively against the rules given that it was as far from all-white as you can get. Considering that last year player Nick Kyrigos was apparently fined $14,000 for wearing a pair of red Air Jordan sneakers to play in the tournament, there’s been plenty of speculation around whether Sinner will receive a similar punishment. But whether he does or not, we have to ask: was it worth it? Probably yes.

Either way, we’re actually beginning to wonder whether Sinner will receive a fine at all, considering that Wimbledon officials already changed the dress-code rules earlier this year. An update was made allowing female athletes to wear dark/coloured underwear beneath their kits, instead of plain, white underwear, because of complaints by female players on their periods. Maybe Wimbledon’s about to dethrone the rule of white on the pitch?

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Whether Sinner’s fine is still pending or not, public reception of the bag has been overwhelmingly positive. Even if the people deciding the rules of the game aren’t willing to let tennis player’s add some excitement to their wardrobes, it seems that Wimbledon fans are ready to shed tradition for style… or maybe they just like a bit of Gucci on the court.

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