Why Pusha T for Louis Vuitton makes sense

Why Pusha T for Louis Vuitton makes sense

by Robyn Pullen
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Louis Vuitton just made American rapper Pusha T the latest brand ambassador to join its roster, and we have to say, we’re not surprised. Here’s a roundup of the biggest fashion moments in Pusha T’s career that validate his new role as LV’s Global Brand Ambassador.

Closing Mark McNairy’s SS14 show
Mark McNairy©

Back in 2014, Pusha T first stepped out in the fashion world when he closed Mark McNairy’s SS14 show at New York Fashion Week. Dressed in a tee that read “Hey Hey My My, Camouflage Will Never Die” and wearing camo trousers paired with McNairy’s signature wingtip shoes. This fit was hardly timeless, but it is a major moment in Pusha’s fashion career and went viral on Tumblr at the time.

Wearing Thom Browne to the 2019 Grammys

If there’s one thing that proves an artist knows about fashion, it’s their award show wardrobe and Pusha T’s was ahead of its time. Even back in 2019 he was repping luxury brands at the Grammy Awards, wearing a tailored Thom Browne suit to the event. Commenting on the look, he said: “Everything with Thom is just very nipped and tucked and just very sharp.”

Walking for Pharrell’s first Louis Vuitton show
Louis Vuitton©

It shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise that Pusha T’s been enlisted by LV, because he’s been known to have a close relationship with Pharrell and Louis Vuitton. This much is evidenced by him and his brother, No Malice, reuniting to walk on the runway at Pharrell’s first Louis Vuitton Men’s show in June 2023 (a pretty huge deal at the time since it was one of the first signs they’d ended their feud).

Performing on the runway at Fear of God
Fear of God©

Not only was Pusha T’s debut mixtape called “Fear of God”, but he also performed on the runway at the brand’s LA-based show last April. Apparently Fear of God’s founder Jerry Lorenzo enlisted Pusha to make a surprise cameo on the runway at the end of the show after Pusha T said the collection resonated with him at a preview ahead of the show.

Starring in a campaign for Moncler x Billionaire Boys Club
Moncler x Billionaire Boys Club©

Pusha T doesn’t just back fashion on the runway; he’s also been involved in plenty of high fashion and streetwear campaigns throughout his career. Back in April 2023, Moncler enlisted Pusha T and his brother No Malice to star in an exclusive campaign around their new collection with Pharrell’s brand Billionaire Boys Club to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. 

Dropping a track for Louis Vuitton’s SS25 show
@kingpush ©

This season, Pharrell enlisted Clipse – the rap duo made up of Pusha T and his brother No Malice – to create a new track that first played during Louis Vuitton’s SS25 show in Paris. Looking back, we probably should’ve suspected Pusha T and LV were building up to something with this collaboration… Now we know what it was.

Featured image via Louis Vuitton©

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