Speedos with knitwear? Only if it’s Wales Bonner SS25

Speedos with knitwear? Only if it’s Wales Bonner SS25

by Ollie Cox
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Grace Wales Bonner welcomed showgoers into an artful world of calm for her Spring/Summer 2025 collection, swapping the electronic music that usually accompanies fashion shows for a reggae soundtracked tranquillity. 

Wales Bonner’s latest collection celebrated the work of Trinidadian artist and designer Althea McNish, who was the first Black British textile designer to earn an international reputation, revitalising post-war uniforms with her colourful, modernist designs. Given Bonner’s fondness for art, herself having recently curated MoMA’s “Artist’s Choice show,” SS25’s inspirations are bang on brand, with Wales Bonner often looking at a range of muses from the resilient long-distance athletes Tamirat Tola and Yomif Kejelcha, to the unwavering spirit of writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin.

An opening look paired a beige raincoat with leather trousers, presenting a rigidity that was quickly undone as the collection progressed. Odes to this opening outfit were seen as leather shorts and skirts paired with loose-fitting white shirts. Early womenswear moments saw white dresses beam with metallic floral embroidery, subtly nodding to a motif that would develop into the offering. 

Cities by the sea
Wales Bonner ©

Wales Bonner’s SS25 collection was inspired by cities by the sea, spaces where people often feel at ease, and visits to switch off. Wales Bonner’s typically strong tailoring, which has seen the brand work with Saville Row mainstays Anderson and Sheppard, was, of course, present. While always easy-wearing, this time, Bonner’s tailored jackets were paired with floral print shorts, creating a tension tinged with summer escapism – the type you might find in a seaside city, where dress codes are often looser. 

Speedo chic

Later, a collaborative swim brief made with Adidas was paired with knitted vests and pocketed utility jackets. The same beach-bound style was later paired with a striped polo shirt and leather holdall slung over one shoulder, nodding to the carefree dressing we all enjoy in summer. 

Despite the easy-going nature of these holiday-appropriate looks, patterned jumpers and knitted vests charged the collection with the electricity of evening indulgence. Bonner continued to keep the chill off by pairing leather shorts with a loose-fitting striped jumper with an asymmetrical shirt collar left astray in a recreation of carefree, hastily done dressing. 

Clothing as a canvas 

Vibrant floral prints adorned hooded and tailored jackets, which were paired with tailored trousers, honouring McNish’s design legacy in Wales Bonner’s art-meets-fashion approach. The playful patterns were also plastered onto flat caps, which were worn across several looks, speaking to Bonner’s nostalgic Afro-European flair.

Another killer adidas collaboration 

Wales Bonner helped revive the adidas Samba with her nostalgic take on the footie-inspired sneaker, and today, the Three Stripes link-up continued with what looked like a sparkly, metallic Samba. While we can’t say for sure if it’s a Samba yer, just know that it will sell out, and everyone will talk about it. 

It wasn’t just collaborative footwear that stood out amongst the typically wearable Wales Bonner SS25 offering. In the run-up to the show, the brand shared a glimpse at some cow-print Mary Jane flats and square-toe lace-ups—both of which we saw on the catwalk. These low-profile designs contributed to a typically strong footwear offering, that adds to Wales Bonner’s strength as a brand where the balance between storytelling and quality products is nailed every time. 

Wales Bonner’s SS25 collection was wearable, and oozed with its usual irresistible charm, creating a world where suiting and speedos can work together. It saw a continuation of Bonner’s commercial kingpin – its adidas collaboration and a heavy-hitting homage to  Althea McNish. Hats off Grace. 

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