Travis Scott’s on a mad one for Utopia’s release

Travis Scott’s on a mad one for Utopia’s release

by Robyn Pullen
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If you haven’t heard about the upcoming release of Travis Scott’s new album, Utopia, which rock have you been living under? The marketing for this drop has been so insane that we’re not quite sure how anyone could’ve missed it. But in case you did, from the album’s conception to the highly anticipated week before its release, here’s a rundown of everything Travis Scott’s done to capture our attention – and sure as hell, its worked.

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With only two days left until the release of Scott’s album and a live performance at the Pyramids of Giza (yes, you read that right) to reign it in, Utopia’s release has become globally hyped. It all kicked off back in May, when Scott was spotted outside a Hollywood studio with his bodyguard who was wearing something unconventional on their wrist: a pair of handcuffs locked onto a Utopia-branded briefcase. You guessed it, the new album was inside the case.

Travis confirmed the album was pending shortly after this and the buzz began. After May there was a period where we heard very little about Utopia, with Scott’s entire team becoming very hush-hush about its release. Then, almost out of nowhere, it was announced two weeks ago that not only are we getting an album, but Travis will also be performing at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt for its debut on July 28. Like, what?

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Apparently people did try to shut down the rapper’s takeover of the pyramids, but obviously without much success because the live concert has already sold out and is still creating even more hype. For those who aren’t able to take a trip to Egypt for Utopia’s release, a live stream and vinyl records priced at $50 plus shipping will have to suffice. At least it’s less than the price of a plane ticket.

Whilst you’ve been able to pre-order vinyls, CDs, and digital versions of the album for weeks, up until yesterday fans were unable to see the album covers even after purchase, on top of the fact that they won’t be able to hear any of the tracks till July 28. Basically, Utopia’s release has relied on a lot of faith from Travis Scott’s fans. Then Travis Scott finally released a whole slew of album covers for Utopia on his Instagram, captioning the first one “THE MAIN COVER WILL DROP THURS UNTIL THEN A COVER EVERYDAY”, so we know there’s even more to come.

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We’ve also been teased with a potential range of Utopia merch in collaboration with luxury fashion brand Givenchy, which Travis Scott wore on stage at his Rolling Loud set in Miami a few days ago. He showed up in a full beige fit, featuring a sandy, pastel top with the Utopia logo in a hieroglyphic-style font, mesh sleeves and an overlaid zip-up, and cargo trousers with zipper detailing. If Givenchy x Utopia is true, there really is no limit to the promotion of this album’s release.

Whether you’ve been keeping up with Utopia’s pending release or are just tuning into the hype now, there will be no escaping the album after July 28; with the performance at The Pyramids of Giza alone, we’ll either get the show of the decade or a huge anticlimax. Whatever happens, we know Travis is ready, captioning his last post “CANT WAIT TO FINALLY DROP THE ALBUM” – and “FINALLY” is definitely the right word for it.

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