Thanks for the invite Diesel, but when will other brands follow suit?

Thanks for the invite Diesel, but when will other brands follow suit?

by Robyn Pullen
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The future of runway shows is here, and of course Diesel’s ushering it in. No longer are we being shut out of fashion shows, stuck watching buffering live streams on our cracked iPhone screens; now you can get ready to take a seat next to Julia Fox and watch the new season’s collection debut before your very eyes… or something like that.

This comes after Diesel, the luxury fashion brand already known for its effort towards inclusivity, just announced that it will be opening the doors of its SS24 show to more than just the regular handful of celebrities. It’s also granting the general public the opportunity to get a hold of a ticket and take a seat in the audience.


This isn’t the first time Glenn Martens, Diesel’s Creator Director, has said “f*** it, everyone’s invited”, as the brand also opened its doors to more than 4,800 people at its SS23 show last September, most of which were students from Milan-based arts universities. Like last time, simply signing up with your email on the brand’s website this September 6th will put you forward on a first-come-first-serve basis for a free ticket to Diesel’s upcoming show.

Traditionally attending a fashion show has been a privilege reserved for only the most revered journalists, awed celebrities, and wealthy members of society; but now, with Diesel bringing in a new era of accessibility at fashion events, it’s becoming a free for all. All fashion fans need to do to get into the brand’s most exclusive yearly events is hit up Diesel’s website; it’s practically easier than picking the fit you’ll wear to the show.


Back in June, Valentino pulled a similar trick by giving students of the Università degli Studi di Milano exclusive access to watch its SS24 Menswear show in Milan, and even further back Maison Margiela was known for hosting shows with normal people in the crowd: namely its iconic SS90 show in the Autumn of 1989 which had local kids on the FROW.

However, these were all notable events, and not something that many brands have done before. Why not? Some would argue that only letting a carefully curated selection of respected fashion people and celebrities through the doors of a runway show helps to maintain the sense of exclusivity, aspiration, and desirableness that luxury fashion has always relied on to maintain its iconic image.

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Without the air of superiority that the luxury industry’s always had, the pedestal that fashion houses currently stand on could start to crumble as people begin to see it as more accessible and easily attainable. Then they might not be willing to pay as much for the products. However, to be honest, sitting at the front of a Diesel show isn’t going to make us any less likely to splash cash on a mini skirt or handbag from the collection. In fact, it’ll be all the more likely.

Whilst Diesel’s started breaking down the barriers we normally need to get through to attend a runway show, it’s a shame that more brands aren’t willing to follow its lead. Perhaps some of the more traditional fashion houses need to realise that keeping the doors to their shows clamped shut against the rest of the world isn’t the way to move forward – gone are the days of waiting patiently on the doorsteps for an invite inside. In fact, some of us are in the mood to start kicking them down (metaphorically, of course).

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