TJ Sawyerr teams up with Converse and END. for a celebration of Ghanaian Culture 

TJ Sawyerr teams up with Converse and END. for a celebration of Ghanaian Culture 

by Ollie Cox
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London-based creative director TJ Sawyerr has teamed up with Converse and END. to celebrate Ghanaian culture via the vessel of the legendary Chuck Taylor. For the project titled ‘Let The Black Star Shine,’ Sawyerr visits his native Accra, working alongside local photographer Jude Lartey to capture the depths of the city over a period of two years. 

The campaign captures friends, family and local heroes in a one-of-a-kind photo series highlighting the way of life that makes his homeland so special. Traditional Chuck Taylor and Cruise silhouettes are worn throughout, where a series of shots highlight the raw and beautiful way of life that makes life in Ghana so special. The exhibition seeks to challenge the stereotypes and misinformation surrounding African culture, focusing on themes of community, family and Joy. 

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Sawyerr is a creative polymath who has worked across the fashion industry, broadly defining his craft under the “creative” umbrella. He describes himself as a storyteller whose time behind the camera started during his time as a model, a career that allowed him to learn from those working in the industry. 

The Converse Chuck Taylor has become a cultural icon, loved for its versatility and hard-wearing appeal. As part of Sawyerr’s storytelling, we see the Chuck worn properly, featuring in a range of settings, from boxing by the beach to chilling with your mates. Classic high-top styles are paired with tailoring, where close-up shots highlight the thicker midsole and minimalist design of the brand’s Cruise styles.

The Chuck Taylor is the shoe for getting sh*t done, whether work or pleasure – and TJ Sawyerr gets it! 

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