Pierre Kaczmarek kicks things off at The Kooples for his FW24 debut

Pierre Kaczmarek kicks things off at The Kooples for his FW24 debut

by Ollie Cox
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The Kooples has just launched its FW24 collection, the first under the newly appointed Creative Director Pierre Kaczmarek, drawing inspiration from the years of 1995-2008, the golden age of the Eurostar. 

The train, which connects both London and Paris, gave way to a true blend of cultures, uniting the London and Parisian underground. Just as London’s burgeoning indie rock scene was beginning to catch the attention of worldwide ears, Camden was crowned the coolest place in the universe, and the Baron’s parties were kicking off in Paris, too. The basis of The Kooples Fall/Winter 2024 collection is the feeling of walking to Saint Pancras station to get a train to Paris, capturing the essence of early Kooples. 

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As part of this look back to the ‘00s, we see leather, denim, shirting and rock accessories celebrated and injected with a touch of youthfulness, expected of the brand’s new direction. In a campaign released in the run-up to the collection debut, we saw models dining layered shirting chunky silver jewellery, leather jackets, and relaxed tailoring in a campaign that sees its protagonists take on the city, soundtracked by Indie pop banger, “Shut Up And Let Me Go,” by The Ting Tings, and we can’t get enough of it!

Kaczmarek shared what it means to design the collection. “For any Parisian kid growing up in the 2010s, The Kooples was a cultural phenomenon. The brand marked my creative path as a fashion designer. My goal is to infuse the brand with a rejuvenated aesthetic in terms of designs and fabrics while reinterpreting the rock & roll spirit,” he said before going on to share his vision for the label. “The Kooples must offer intergenerational collections that speak to both early adopters and younger generations.” 

The brand’s FW24 collection is rooted in collaboration, seen in link-ups with British-Italian brand TYT for tights, Harris Tweed for a series of Tartan Woolen pieces and a stand-out collaboration with Amelia Gray, which will see an imminent release following the unveiling of the collection. When we say we can’t wait to see what the two have in store for us, we really can’t … like we want it right now.

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The Kooples’ new direction is spearheaded by Kaczmarek, a self-taught designer who created his own label from scratch in 2016 at just 17 years old, Afterhomework, and quickly garnered international acclaim. He was appointed to The Kooples in 2023 and has kicked things off with a look back into the brand’s DNA. Founded in 2008, and aligning itself with rock culture, tailoring know-how with a smattering of Parisian nightlife. A novelty at the time, Afterhomework was a revolutionary addition to the “accessible luxury” positioning.

The Kooples FW24 collection is a perfect balance of past and present, tapping into the brand’s rock-rooted legacy and injecting it with a present-day punch. Congrats on the debut  Kaczmarek, we can’t wait to see what’s next. 

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