Swatch is clocking in at the Battle of Hastings BMX competition

Swatch is clocking in at the Battle of Hastings BMX competition

by Juliette Eleuterio
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Every year, the Battle of Hastings BMX competition takes over the UK’s Source Park in Hastings to host some of the world’s most renowned BMXers to ride it out, showcasing their custom-built bikes and hitting all the tricks that never fails to impress. As it has been done, Swatch has hopped onto the competition this year, becoming a title sponsor and merging the worlds of sport, innovation and creativity.

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The Battle of Hastings is one hell of an event. The competition stands out in the BMX and skateboarding community not only for taking place in the largest underground skatepark but also for its unique rollout that keeps things exciting. The way it works is that 8 captains select 3 riders to enter the competition with them. The point system will be added up over the weekend as the riders have to complete different ramps and hit different tricks, and the winners will be crowned on Sunday.

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Swatch won’t just be a viewer this year, with its commitment taking form in the Swatch High Air. Inspired by early 90s Swatch BMX events, the Swatch High Air is a massive, custom-built quarter pipe ramp that’s been placed directly on the beach for all the riders to hit, or at least attempt it. 

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And that’s not all. Just as every year, the watch brand will also be bringing their own rider, Matthias Dandois. Swatch is not messing about as Dandois has a pretty stacked reputation as a Swatch Proteam athlete and a 9-time BMX flatlander world champion. In other words, he’s one to watch out for.

Taking place between September 8 and 10, with the BMX riders taking on the Swatch High Air taking place Friday evening, the whole Battle of Hastings competition will be streamed online for you to binge if you didn’t manage to snatch your tickets.

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