Why we should be more like Honey Dijon

Why we should be more like Honey Dijon

by Ollie Cox
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Honey Dijon is a DJ, producer and electronic musician, born in Chicago and based between New York and Berlin. She is largely known for her genre-blending floor-filler sets that effortlessly switch between house, techno, and disco. 

Djing is in Dijon’s blood, something she picked up from a young age. Unlike many artists in the electronic music sphere, electronic music and club culture came naturally, partly thanks to her upbringing. 

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Dijon’s parents were relatively young when they became parents and regularly held basement parties. Dijon has said she remembers these memories fondly, enjoying the music and conversations that took place. It wasn’t long before Dijon began to choose the records herself, building an enviable record collection of her own laying the foundations for a career spanning more than 30 years. 

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Unlike many others, clubbing was not a form of rebellion but rather a hobby permitted by her parents, provided it did not impact her studies. Because of this, Dijon began clubbing in her mid-teens. 

All of this laid the foundations for a budding music career, which blossomed alongside the emergence of Chicago house, a sound still heard on dancefloors today, captivating clubbers with its infectious combination of drum machines, basslines and Juno keyboards. 

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Relocating to New York with an arsenal of records and an enviable musical sensibility landed her regular gigs spinning techno tracks on New York’s underground club circuit and fashion scene. 

Honey Dijon is a trans woman and activist who has been a vocal advocate for trans rights and awareness, sharing her experiences as a black trans woman in dance music who has spoken about finding her place in this culture. She has often spoken of the pioneering venues that became safe places for queer people of colour. Dijon stands up for dance music’s black working-class origins, and we love it! 

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With such an extensive knowledge of her field, it may not come as a surprise that Dijon has worked with Beyoncé on her house-infused tracks, “Alien Superstar” and Cozy”. The producer took home her first GRAMMY for Best Dance/ Electronic Album for her work on RENAISSANCE.

Dijon’s popularity in fashion has allowed her to traverse her way from behind the decks and into the studio, with the multi-faceted creative starting her own Comme des Garćons backed fashion label appropriately named Honey Fucking Dijon, serving in the music mogul’s confidence in her position, a result of her undeniable tenacity and passion. Her brand is stocked in several premium multi-brand retailers. 

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Honey Dijon is an activist and a true master of her craft, who has attracted a swathe of loyal fans, which a quick look at any of her Boiler Room sets will confirm. 

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