SUSAN FANG dipped a toe into the idea of ‘home’ for FW24

SUSAN FANG dipped a toe into the idea of ‘home’ for FW24

by Robyn Pullen
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SUSAN FANG Fall/Winter 2024 was a reminder that home is where the heart is. Entitled “Air Home,” the collection was inspired by the idea of a sanctuary outside of physical space, looking to living animals who interpret “home” in different ways than we do as humans.

Beautiful organza dresses (SUSAN FANG’s trademark) appeared within the collection in a spectrum of soft, pastel hues which bounced lightly as models’ walked. However, as well as utilising Fang’s familiar air-flower and air-smocking, this season saw a new technique called “air-whirl,” which involves circular organza ribbons surrounding each other, inspired by the appearance of a coral filled ocean.

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Susan Fang herself described, when we asked her the story behind her FW24 collection, that “we were inspired by different species [and] how for them ‘home’ is not contained by physical land; they can travel wherever they want. There was this bubble snail that creates bubbles that become a home for its offspring.” This translated into the collection’s bubbly, ocean-inspired gowns, which tumbled in aqua organza waves.

Down jackets appeared, stitched with stars and clover hearts in a variety of colour combinations, to create the effect of ocean waves spreading outwards. In particular, two down shawls with seahorse scale inspired stitching appeared in shades of pink, and were supposed to resemble cloud-like wings, adding to the dreamy aesthetic of the collection.

In terms of accessories, a variety of bags including those shapes after honey-comb inspired by bee hives and floral handbags resembling coral, were created using 3D printing techniques. Knitted-style boots and shoes were worn by many of the models, created using reusable soles and a series of replaceable “shoe uppers” made from materials like yarn and printed mesh ribbons with beads.

Alongside these, NIKE footwear was incorporated into the collection, but of course with a touch of SUSAN FANG’s own aesthetic applied. Silhouettes from NIKE including the footwear like Vomero 5, V2K, P-6000, and Air Max Scorpion FK were adorned with SUSAN FANG’s signature 3D drawing technique, applying black and white floral details to the shoes.

Knitwear was also inspired by marine life, using the vibrant colours of nature, with overlapping shades of azure and pink, or lemon and purple to create a striking effect. Much of the knitwear was also adorned with SUSAN FANG’s iconic clover jacquard, which Fang herself described as a good luck charm she applies throughout the collection.

These lucky charms are also seen on the underwear glimpsed beneath mesh knitwear and organza throughout the collection, designed in collaboration with Victoria’s Secret. As Fang explained, “I put little hearts and clovers [on the underwear with Victoria’s Secret, and throughout the collection] to wish everyone good luck.”

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