Stylists are the unsung heroes of the red carpet world

Stylists are the unsung heroes of the red carpet world

by Ollie Cox
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Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrity’s fits always hit despite their busy cross-continent schedule? This is often the result of blood, sweat and tears on the part of a hard-working stylist. Curating looks suitable for any occasion whilst also remaining true to the sense of style already possessed by the celebrity (if they have any) is no mean feat. This begs the question, do high-profile people dress well or is it the work of their stylist? 

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Remember those shots of Hailey Bieber effortlessly strolling through NYC, shaded by a low-profile cap and sheltered from the elements in a Martine Rose track jacket? The move from mainstream style icon to cult menswear favourite was no coincidence. It was down to celebrity styling guru Dani Michelle

Michelle brings her androgynous fusion of mens and womenswear to her street style and red carpet looks, seen in Miguel’s striking green suit, worn shirtless. For Harry Styles in Gucci at the Grammys, we can thank Harry Lambert, the man behind some of the former One Direction Star’s greatest looks. And remember when Dua Lipa became a Chopova Lowena girlie? That was down to Lorenzo Posocco, a London-based stylist with a high-profile celebrity client list. 

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Alongside Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky is regularly cited as on the best dressed men. Behind these effortlessly cool looks is Matthew Henson, who has been behind some of Rocky’s most iconic looks, such as his super-cosy 2021 Met Gala get-up. 

Andrew Mukamal is behind some of Margot Robbie’s standout Barbie press tour, including a metallic pink Versace dress and Vivienne Westwood couture dresses modelled on the ‘enchanted evening doll’ from 1990. This is what stylists are for. They can fully understand the grandeur of the occasion, staying true to the stylistic preferences of the talent. 

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Of course, some celebrities choose to style themselves solo, with varying success. Kate Moss has said no to the stylist from the start, I mean, she is Kate Moss. When you’re a walking style icon, anything looks good. Timothée Chalamet has been styled by Erin Walsh for previous red carpet-looks. However, he often chooses to work directly with his favourite brands. His street-style looks are put together by Chalamet himself, often resulting in a casual mix of streetwear and high-end fashion. 

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When you have a style as unique as Erykah Badu, it’s not surprising she chooses to go sans stylist. She backs her original style so much that she even called out Queen Bey herself, accusing her of stealing her style. Badu doesn’t just go for the big brands either, often working with emerging designers, such as CSM students such as Myah Hasbany, crafting unique looks and championing the next generation. 

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What do you think: are celebrities tastemakers and trend drivers, or do the guys behind the scenes deserve more credit? 

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