Next stop, SRVC Fall/Winter 2024

Next stop, SRVC Fall/Winter 2024

by Ollie Cox
2 min

SRVC said, “See it. Say it. Sorted,” for Fall/Winter 2024. This morning, showgoers faced the monotony of the morning commute atop three double-decker buses as part of SRVC’s “Human Resources,” collection. It served as a sobering reality of working life and a move away from last season’s digital escape. 

Tailoring was cut to boxy proportions and featured cutouts to the hips, with contrast provided by a striped white Oxford shirt which fell to below its wearer’s waist. In true SRVC style, garments were customisable, enabling styling freedom for each wearer. 

Leather trenches, knitted skirts with provocative thigh slips, and patent leather heels injected nighttime sensibility into the collection. Sped-up remixes of Fergie’s “London Bridge” and Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” were complimented by the clanging of jewellery on the poles of the bus and stamping stilettos, helping to portray the experience of women navigating the metropolis. 

Large shoulder bags came in muted black and striking snakeskin with the latter visually clashing with the red patterned seats of London buses. Models struggled for space down the narrow aisle offering a comical insight into an all too familiar problem for the stylish commuter. 

Rickey Wesley’s SRVC FW24 show was a playful love letter to London, where clothing complimented the demands of its wearer. It showed adjustable, adaptable designs in motion and was rooted in real life, aligning with the brand’s mission of dressing the modern women, ensuring pieces are adaptable in long-lasting wardrobes, as ready for the morning commute as the midnight bus home.

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