Our Legacy WORK SHOP is heading to the mountains with External Vacancy 

Our Legacy WORK SHOP is heading to the mountains with External Vacancy 

by Ollie Cox
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Our Legacy WORK SHOP has teamed up with External Vacancy (EVAC) on an outdoor-focused collection crafted from dead stock Our Legacy fabrics. The capsule has been designed to support and equip an EVAC expedition and art project in the mountains of British Columbia. External Vacancy is a multidisciplinary initiative focused on expanding the ways in which we interact with our environment by developing art, products and experiences.

When it comes to the clobber, it has been made with the harsh conditions of British Columbia in mind, creating a hybrid collection of workwear and performance-focused pieces designed with the mountains in mind. 

A campaign video shows washed black technical jackets with contrasting white stitching and WORK SHOP branding to the front and rear, worn with utilitarian cargo pants as protagonists navigate a rocky, snowy landscape by climbing, jumping and hiking, using makeshift pulleys to move rocks. The end result is a completed fort-like structure atop a high-mountain peak in British Columbia, which was built over four months. The construction was dictated by the environment, using a dry stack method, which blended with its surroundings. 

Sean Pettit, External Vacancy’s founder, spoke about how the experience was a “true physical and mental undertaking, we entered a primal state of being to exist in this beautiful yet harsh environment. The more time spent interacting with the space, the more we learned the lessons of nature. The structure was created as a place of gathering where we could be completely consumed by what is in front of us in the present moment. A place to have no choice be to live in tandem with nature. Our survival depended on it.” 

Pettit knows a thing or two about the outdoors. He is hailed as one of the greatest big mountain skiers to ever live, has ventured into snowboarding, and is the brains behind External Vacancy. His engagement with the natural world, particularly snowboarding, is bang on brand for a collaboration with Our Legacy WORK SHOP, which has previously worked with Tur Snowboards for a limited edition board featuring Hank Grüner’s artwork. 

The Our Legacy WORK SHOP x External Vacancy collection is available now from the Our Legacy website, WORK SHOP in Stockholm, and Our Legacy’s London and Berlin stores. 

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