Natasha Zinko Fall/Winter 2024 has landed

Natasha Zinko Fall/Winter 2024 has landed

by Robyn Pullen
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Natasha Zinko invaded London Fashion Week with a FW24 collection that was out of this world. Taking inspiration from the cult classic film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (1968), each look was designed to replicate the futuristic, astronaut-esque aesthetic of the movie. With clean cut silhouettes, latex-like textures, and otherworldly accessories, here’s what we took away from the show.

Natasha Zinko’s reference to Stanley Kurbrik’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ costuming was evident throughout the collection, from the baggy, white set worn by one model that seemed to replicate an astronauts suit to the fitted dresses with high collars reminiscent of the flight attendants’ uniforms in the movie.

Silhouettes varied, contrasting puffed out sleeves and padded shoulders on outerwear with body-hugging sheer knits, but all were futuristic, in particular the look that featured an asymmetric, structured-circle detail adorning its chest. These contrasted with track suits and fur, which elevated the collection into a more modern, relevant take on “futuristic” fashion.

Bags were textured with ridged detailing and silver hardware, slung over models shoulders or swinging as clutches from their hands, and sunglasses accessorised a few looks in wrap-around silhouettes with cyclops-style lenses. Headwear – the type that astronauts wear beneath their helmets – also featured throughout, appearing in white, black, pink, and denim renditions.

Despite the fact that we’re currently living in an age of technological pessimism, with AI deep fakes instilling a new sense of fear in society that we weren’t prepared to ever feel, Natasha Zinko’s take on space-age fashion was refreshingly optimistic. If we’re travelling to space any time soon, Natasha Zinko FW24 is fit for the trip.

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