Enzo Lefort is the new Louis Vuitton House Ambassador

Enzo Lefort is the new Louis Vuitton House Ambassador

by Eric Brain
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Louis Vuitton is undergoing big changes now that Pharrell is at the helm, and one of those changes is all about the people it works with, now welcoming the French fencer Enzo Lefort as the new House Ambassador. 

Lefort follows in the footsteps of the South Korean girl band, LE SSERAFIM, which was recently announced as Louis Vuitton womenswear’s newest ambassadors. For Louis Vuitton, working with Lefort instils the House’s committed effort to uplifting the sporting world – it is the partner of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, thus making Lefort a fitting match for the House. Such commitment has seen Louis Vuitton also work with the likes of the French swimmer Léon Marchand, who is also heading to the Paris-held Olympics. 

All of this comes under the creative umbrella that is “Artisans of All Victories,” which not only builds on Louis Vuitton’s standing in high-level sports, but also creates a rich cultural dialogue for the House. And it makes perfect sense, seeing that LV has designed trophies and trunks for multiple sporting events.

Speaking on the appointment, the House said: “With his indefatigable work ethic, determination and exactingness – reflecting the values of Louis Vuitton – Enzo Lefort is one of the most promising athletes in his discipline for the upcoming Olympics, Paris 2024.”

His work ethic has enabled him to win a gold medal at Tokyo’s Olympic Games in 2021, a silver medal at Rio in 2016, a silver medal in the 2023 European Games, and earn the title of two-time Individual World Champion in 2019, and in 2022.

The partnership will now see Louis Vuitton support and uplift both Lefort, fencing, and other realms of the Olympics. 

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