Culted Community talks: Kylie Jenner serving dirt for Acne Studios AW23

Culted Community talks: Kylie Jenner serving dirt for Acne Studios AW23

by Robyn Pullen
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Kylie Jenner for Acne Studios Autumn/Winter ’23 campaign is giving “dragged through a hedge” and we love it. For Acne Studios’ recently released campaign, everyone’s favourite Kardashian-Jenner served up a series of looks whilst smeared in dirt and, with our repost of the campaign gaining over 188k views on TikTok, it’s clear our community were as obsessed as we are.

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Despite the effort of keeping up with the Kardashians only seeming to get more draining as time goes on, Kylie’s recent Acne Studios campaign is a refreshing reminder of why we follow them in the first place. Unlike some self-proclaimed “model” members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie’s become widely recognised for her undeniable serves when put in front of the camera, and Acne Studios AW23 is no exception.

Our community on TikTok was justifiably obsessed with collab, with user @n0t._.vicky17 commenting “KYLIE SLAY” – an accurate observation – and @fxri4 saying “i can’t repost this but i love it”. All we can say is, we’re sorry about that but whilst reposting might not be an option, making Kylie’s soil smeared face your home-screen still is… just saying.

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However, not everyone was a fan of the campaign. Reviews under our post were mixed, with @coal_chur calling the campaign “CRINGE” and commenting an ironic “LOOK AT ME IM ALL DIRTY”. Love it or hate it, you have to admit it’s better than Kendall for Miu Miu.

Some even directly addressed this elephant in the room, aka the fact that another Kardashian klan member has already taken the title of “family model”, with user @haakhka commenting that Kylie’s the “Best model in the family”, a subtle shade at poor Kenny. In all seriousness though, maybe Kendall should be scared: not only is one Kylie coming for her career, but the campaign actually features two of them.

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Other members of the Culted Community were less occupied with the Kardashian family drama, instead speculating the inspiration behind the campaign, with @absolutelylorelei suggesting “the hunger games” and @ohmygoshyor musing that it was giving “Shakira tortura vibes”. But perhaps the most iconic comment under our post was by @sofi______6 who simply said “Me after searching for bugs in the garden when I was five”. For Sofi, Kylie Jenner x Acne Studios was giving core memories, but what did you think of the campaign?

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