Laura and Deanna Fanning said, “pick your fighter” for Kiko Kostadinov FW24

Laura and Deanna Fanning said, “pick your fighter” for Kiko Kostadinov FW24

by Ollie Cox
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If fashion week fatigue was setting in on the last day of Paris Fashion Week, Laura and Deanna Fanning’s Fall/Winter 2024 Kiko Kostadinov collection would have snapped you straight back into action. 

The Fanning sisters, who are behind Kiko Kostadinov’s womenswear collections, have left their mark on the brand’s utilitarian aesthetic, blurring it with traditionally feminine design tropes. This combination has seen the duo cook up a cool girl-approved concoction on the Paris Fashion Week runway season after season, and FW24 was no different.  

This time around, we were presented with dichotomies as the show’s protagonists explored the tension between strength and vulnerability. Out of the gate, we were given a warrior-like pairing of baggy breeches, which were worn with a textured yellow knit and a close-fitting headdress-like hat, setting the tone for what was to come across later looks. An angular bag hung from a black leather belt, further channelling the utilitarianism present throughout the collection. 

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This warrior-like practicality met with a feminine elegance, reflected in V-necked black dresses, which featured cut-outs to the torso and arms, as well as a mesh blouse accented with metallic piping. Later looks saw form-fitting ankle-length dresses merge black and brown for an earth-toned elegance, and later use fuchsia pink to contrast with a darker yellow hue. 

A historic look at practical clothing met with a modern-day approach, seen in a collaboration with Levi’s, which re-worked the three-piece suit. Shearling detailing featured across the belt and extended down the side of the trousers, arriving in a selection of washed umber tones.  

The juxtaposition between strength and sensuality was reflected in each garment’s material make-up, with archetypal outdoor fabrics such as coated cotton, velvet and corduroy intersecting with mesh and tulle, subtly exposing the body to the world. As we progressed further in the Fanning sisters’ FW24 fantasy, hybrid looks merged semi-sheer drapery with cropped shorts and knee-high boots, bringing a feminine elegance with a ready-for-anything sensibility. 

When it came to footwear, we saw a hiking sneaker-meets-boot hybrid which extended to meet the hemline of breeches. Fall/Winter 2024 also saw the introduction of the Mezulari bag, which offered a malleable and collapsable take on a messenger style, crafted from fuzzy suede and fine-grain leathers, elevating a hunter-like carrier for the runway. 

Kiko Kostadinov’s FW24 women’s collection yet again solidified what Laura and Deanna Fanning do so well. At times, we saw glimmers of a mature eveningwear elegance intertwined with a playful take on a warrior uniform that felt so rooted in the Kiko Kostadinov brand. Well done, Laura and Deanna! 

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